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Does your car insurance cover windshield repair in Houston? Check your policy to see if your glass is covered.

Notice a chip or crack in your windshield? You’ll need windshield repair in Houston to prevent the damage from expanding. However, you may be wondering if your car insurance will cover the cost of your windshield repair in Houston. There are some cases where your insurance may help pay for your windshield repair. However, this depends on several different factors. If you’re unsure, talk to your insurance agent about windshield damage.

Will My Insurance Pay for My Windshield Repair in Houston?

Whether your insurance will pay for windshield repairs depends on the type of coverage you have. Each insurance company has different coverage rules, so you should check with your specific policy.

Comprehensive Insurance May Cover Windshield Repair in Houston

Generally, if you have comprehensive coverage, then your insurance will help pay for your windshield repair in Houston. Comprehensive policies cover damages that aren’t related to a crash. This means things like theft, weather damage, and falling objects. Most often, windshield chips and cracks fall into these categories. However, you may need to pay your policy deductible for windshield repair in Houston.

However, many people choose not to use their insurance for repairs to their auto glass in Houston. This is because most of the time, the deductible is higher than the cost of repairs. Because windshield repair is the most cost-effective way to fix chips and cracks, it’s generally less expensive than paying your deductible amount. Therefore, it’s important to know the particulars of your policy to determine if you want to submit a claim to your insurance for your auto glass.

Full Glass Policies for No Out-of-Pocket Costs to Repair your Auto Glass in Houston

Also, many insurance companies offer full glass coverage as an add on to your policy. This means that your insurance may pay for your windshield repair in total. This additional coverage often means a zero-dollar deductible for repairs and replacement for your auto glass. Generally, this coverage is optional and adds to your monthly costs.

When Insurance Won’t Pay for Glass Repairs

However, many people choose to keep only the minimum amount of insurance. If you only have collision insurance, then you will likely need to pay for your windshield repair in Houston on your own. This is because most collision policies only cover damage to other vehicles that you caused in an accident. Therefore, you’ll likely need to pay for windshield repair in Houston out-of-pocket. Luckily, glass repair is quite affordable. Be sure you repair your glass as soon as possible, otherwise you could be looking at a complete windshield replacement in Houston, which often takes longer and costs more.

How to Use Insurance for Your Windshield Repair in Houston

If your insurance covers auto glass repair, then you should file a claim as soon as possible. This will expedite the process so you can get your windshield fixed as soon as possible. The longer you wait for repairs, the more likely it is that the damage will get worse. Using your insurance for your windshield repair can take a little bit more time compared to paying out-of-pocket. This is because your insurance will likely need to look at the information and approve the claim before they will pay to repair your windshield.

Additionally, many insurance agents will recommend a certain auto glass repair shop when they talk to you about your claim. Many people believe that they have to use the shop their agent recommends. However, this isn’t true and is even illegal. Your insurance can’t require you to use a certain windshield repair shop. Therefore, be sure to do your research and find a glass repair company you trust. Your windshield is an important safety feature on your vehicle, so ensure you receive the highest-quality windshield repair services.

If I Use My Insurance, Will it Change the Type of Windshield Replacement in Houston I can Choose?

For more complex damages, you may need windshield replacement in Houston instead. For replacements, you’ll usually have an option between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or aftermarket glass. Generally, aftermarket windshields are less expensive than OEM windshields. However, if you’re using your insurance, they may only cover one type or the other. Which type of windshield they cover depends on your specific policy. For example, many insurance policies only cover OEM replacements for your auto glass in Houston. By contrast, other policies may only allow aftermarket replacements. Therefore, be sure you talk to your insurance agent about what type of windshield replacement option you should choose.

While most insurance policies have specific rules about which type of windshields they cover, in some rare cases you may need to choose between OEM and aftermarket. Also, if you choose not to use insurance, you’ll also need to decide which type of replacement windshield you want. This can be difficult to determine. While aftermarket windshields are generally less expensive, they also may differ in shape or quality. While aftermarket auto glass can be a good option, this often comes down to your specific vehicle. Many manufacturers recommend only using OEM glass, especially if your car is a newer model with features like automatic emergency braking. This is often because the sensors needed for advanced driver assist systems use sensors and cameras mounted in a specific area of the windshield. Your auto glass specialists can help you determine the right choice for your car.

At Apple Glass Company, our expert glass technicians have years of experience repairing and replacing glass in your car, home, and business. Our team uses the latest technology and methods to keep your auto glass strong and safe. Whether you need repair or replacement, we provide cost-effective and practical solutions for your vehicle. We offer mobile windshield repair services as well as auto glass repair services in our two convenient locations. Visit us in The Woodlands or in Houston for in-shop repairs and replacements. Call us today at (713) 680-1400 in Houston or (281) 296-0600 in The Woodlands to request a free quote. We are here to serve you!

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