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Wondering when you should replace your Houston shower doors? Check out these signs it’s time for replacement glass.

Installing Houston shower doors in your bathroom is a great investment. They help your bathroom look bigger and more modern. While Houston shower doors are very durable and long-lasting, they will need to be replaced at some point. Well-maintained shower doors can last 20 or 30 years. However, incorrect installation, improper care, and other issues can shorten the expected lifespan of your doors. Therefore, it’s important to keep up on recommended maintenance and keep an eye out for these signs that you may need to replace your shower doors.

Chips or Cracks in Your Houston Shower Doors

Just like your windows or your windshield, you should watch out for chips and cracks in your Houston shower doors. Chips and cracks weaken your shower doors and can even cause them to shatter completely. When you notice any damage to your shower glass, it’s important to call your glass specialists to inspect them and help you determine the next steps. In most cases, chips and cracks are a sign that it’s time to replace your glass shower doors.

Chips and cracks don’t just look bad, they can actually lead to safety hazards for you and your family. Shower enclosure are made of tempered glass, which is meant to break into small, rounded pieces when damage occurs. If your shower door has a chip or crack, it affects its structural integrity and may be more prone to breaking. Therefore, if you notice these damages, it’s likely time to replace your Houston shower doors.

Discolored Houston Shower Doors

Have you noticed your Houston shower doors looking a little cloudy or dingy? What about discoloration? The water in your shower can promote mold and mildew growth, which can mix with soap scum and hard water spots and discolor your shower doors. While you can often clean this scale off your shower glass, in some cases it may become permanently stuck. This is especially true if you don’t clean your shower doors as frequently as they need.

If you notice discoloration on your shower doors, try to give them a good clean. However, if cleaning doesn’t remove the buildup, it’s likely time for new shower doors. Consider replacement doors with ShowerGuard® to help prevent this issue in future and to help keep your bathroom looking gorgeous

Leaking Shower Enclosures

While leaking doesn’t immediately point to replacing your Houston shower doors, there are some cases where it may be the best course of action. Often, you can repair shower door leaks with caulk or a new door sweep. However, chronic leaking from your shower may require replacement to correct. Constant or frequent leaks often mean that your shower doors are too small for your enclosure. It can also mean that they were placed incorrectly. A quick inspection from your glass technicians can help you determine if you need repairs or replacement for leaking shower doors.

Difficulty Closing Your Shower Doors

Additionally, if you notice that it’s difficult to close or open your shower doors, or that they make a noise when you move them, this can also be a sign of rusted, corroded, or worn out fittings. It also may have come out of alignment or may be too big for your shower enclosure. Depending on the issue, your glass technician may be able to repair your doors so they close properly again. However, in some cases, it’s best to replace your Houston shower doors.

Rusted or Moldy Shower Framing

If you have framed Houston shower doors, you also need to check the framing for rust, corrosion, and mold. Rust can deteriorate the frames support your shower doors. When ignored, this could result in your shower doors falling and breaking. In some cases, your glass technician may be able to replace just the framing for your shower doors. However, this may also be the perfect time to upgrade to frameless shower doors in Houston, which are less prone to rust and corrosion.

Another issue that you may notice with the frame of your shower doors is mold and mildew growth. The moist and warm environment in your bathroom often creates the perfect area for mold and mildew. In some cases, mold can infiltrate and hide inside the frames around your shower doors, creating unpleasant odors and can even release allergens into the air. Therefore, it’s important to act quickly when you notice this issue to replace your frames or shower doors.

Outdated Design

Also, you may want to replace your Houston shower doors when they become outdated. Glass shower doors offer a modern, elegant look to your bathroom. However, if it has been many years since you installed your shower enclosure, they may start to look outdated. Shower doors of the past were quite limited in design options and also offer less durability and longevity. Therefore, this is another reason you may want to replace your shower doors.

Upgrading to frameless doors is a great way to update your bathroom, as they offer a sleek design and suit almost any type of décor. They also help open up your space and eliminate the risk of rusty or moldy shower door frames. If you’re still looking for a framed look, modern framed doors may offer better seals and coatings than your old doors. Whichever you choose, replacement doors can help give your bathroom a facelift with minimal effort.

At Apple Glass, we offer expert shower door installation and replacement for your home. We have built our reputation on providing top-quality glass services at affordable prices for your home, business, and vehicle. When you need new shower doors or replacement auto glass in Houston, choose our team for the most cost-effective, attractive solutions around. Our specialists offer years of hands-on experience to help ensure your glass projects go smoothly and look great. Call us today at (713) 680-1400 in Houston or (281) 296-0600 in The Woodlands to talk to our professionals and request a quote. We are here to serve you.

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