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When you’re choosing your Houston shower doors, don’t forget to decide on the towel bars, handles, and other pieces of hardware to create the perfect shower.

Houston shower doors are a wonderful addition to any bathroom. If you’re looking to install shower glass in your bathroom, you will need to choose the type of glass, type of door, and the hardware to go along with it. Houston shower doors have many hardware options. Once you’ve decided on a style and type of glass, you can start to pick out your shower glass hardware. Here is a guide to hardware for shower doors.

What Hardware is Necessary for My Houston Shower Doors?

There are a few pieces of hardware you will absolutely need for your Houston shower doors to function. They will need hardware to support them in place and allow you to open them. Therefore, even if you choose the minimal amount of shower door hardware, you will need to choose the styles and option that work best in your space.

Handles for Houston Shower Doors

No matter which type of shower door you choose, you will need something to hold onto to open your shower. Therefore, you’ll need to pick out handles or door pulls to allow you to do this. There are many different options to suit your needs. For example, standard shower door handles are generally rectangular shaped with rounded corners. However, you can also choose curved handles, square handles, and everything in between. Many handles also come with intricate details in the metal surface. For a minimalist feel, you may want to choose more sleek options. However, if you’re looking for Victorian-inspired options for your bathroom, there’s a handle out there for you.

In addition, you can also choose small knobs instead of handles for your door pull. These can look more like a traditional door knob or a more modern version. Shower door knobs are usually quite smaller than handles, which is perfect if you want as little hardware as possible. However, keep in mind that shower door knobs can be more difficult to grasp if you have family members with arthritis or other limitations. Therefore, choose the right door pulls to customize your Houston shower doors to your home and your family.

Hinges and Sliders

In addition, your shower doors will need some sort of mechanism that allows them to open and close. Generally, this comes in the form of either sliding hardware or hinges. Naturally, you may need to choose one or the other based on the size and configuration of your bathroom. However, you’ll also need to choose the decorative options for this hardware to fit your bathroom’s décor.

For sliding shower doors, you will need hardware across the top or bottom of the door to allow you to slide them open and closed. A more recent trend is using hardware similar to that used for barn doors to create the sliding mechanism. In addition, you’ll have many different color and finish options to choose from for sliding shower door hardware.

By contrast, you may choose to have swinging Houston shower doors. These doors require hinges to open and close. There are two basic types of shower door hinges: pivot and side mounted. Pivot hinges sit at the top and bottom of your shower door and attach your door to the floor and ceiling, walls, or other glass panels of your shower enclosure. Pivot hinges allow you to open the door both inward and outward. In contrast, side mounted hinges attach to the sides of your shower door and allow you to open your door only one way, whether inward or outward, just like a regular door.

Hinges for shower doors also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. For example, they can be perfectly square, have rounded edges, or even have a half-moon shape. In most cases, you’ll likely want to match the hinges to the style of door pull you choose. However, the possibilities are endless with your shower door opening mechanisms, whether hinges or sliders.

Hardware Options to Customize your Shower Enclosures

In addition to the required hardware for your shower doors to function, you can also add other fittings. For example, many people choose to add towel bars, which allow them to hang towels directly on their shower door or enclosure. In the same vein, you can also add hooks on your Houston shower doors. These hooks allow you to hang up towels, robes, and other bathroom necessities, right on your door. These optional fixtures can help you customize your shower to your needs.

Also, many showers feature stationary glass panels to create a glass enclosure. Hardware must hold these panels up. There are two basic options: U-channels and clamps. U-channels are small metal rails that help keep the panel in place. They come in a variety of finishes to give you design options. However, if you choose Houston frameless shower doors for their minimal hardware, then you’ll likely want clamps for your stationary panels.

Shower enclosure clamps are small, yet strong pieces of hardware that help attach glass panels to your bathroom floor or walls to keep them in place. They can look quite similar to hinges, but instead prevent the glass panels from moving. Yet again, they can come in many different shapes and sizes to suit your style.

Whichever shower door fixtures you choose, each component comes in a variety of finishes. Many people go with chrome or brushed nickel to match standard faucet finishes. However, hardware can come in many other finishes like oil rubbed bronze, brass, black, and just about any other finish you can think of. Therefore, when choosing hardware for your shower doors, be sure you consider the finish that will look best in your bathroom.

Call Your Glass Experts

At Apple Glass Company, we provide affordable custom glass options for your home, vehicle, and business. When you need Houston frameless shower doors, we offer expert installation and a variety of options to fit your décor. Our team has the experience you need for your glass projects. Whether you’re looking for a brand new shower enclosure or need windshield repair in Houston for your vehicle, we offer solutions to suit your needs and budget. Our experts offer prompt, efficient glass services for your home, car, or business. Call us today at (713) 680-1400 to discuss your glass project with our technicians and request a free quote. We are here to serve you.

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