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Commercial Glass HoustonApple Glass Delivers Top Quality Storm Window Protection for Houston and The Woodlands

Protecting your home against major weather events requires forethought and planning, especially for coastal metropolitan regions like The Woodlands and Houston. At Apple Glass, we sell, install, and repair a full range of storm windows to provide an added layer of protection against wind, rain, and other common hazards of Texas weather. Storm windows can provide a cost-effective alternative to full replacement and can reduce drafts inside your home.

Storm Windows from Apple Glass

As a leading Houston glass repair and replacement company, Apple Glass offers a full line of storm windows from top manufacturers. These window solutions are usually installed over your existing windows and can be opened to allow free movement of air or closed to provide added insulating power and improved energy efficiency for your entire home. Storm windows are designed to withstand heavy rain and to reduce the transmission of heat, allowing homes to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Benefits of Storm Windows

Storm windows can provide added insulation and energy efficiency for your home, especially if your current windows are older and may be in need of replacement. The more secure fit of storm windows can also reduce the amount of particulate matter, dust, and pollen that enters your home. This can provide welcome relief for family members and guests with respiratory issues or allergies. Storm windows from Apple Glass can be configured to match your current exterior paint and trim and can provide valuable noise reduction for greater comfort inside your home.

Types of Storm Windows

At Apple Glass, we offer an extensive lineup of storm window choices to suit your budget, your window configurations, and your aesthetic preferences:

  • Two-track vertical windows place the lower screen and the upper glass on one track and feature an inner track upon which a pane of glass can be moved up or down depending on the desired level of air circulation from outside your home.
  • Three-track vertical windows allow even greater independent movement for each screen and pane component; upper and lower window panes and screens can move freely in their own tracks to allow greater control over the placement and the amount of outside air allowed to enter your home.
  • Two-track horizontal windows, also known as sliders, perform in a similar fashion to two-track vertical windows but open and close side-to-side rather than up-and-down.

The residential glass specialists at Apple Glass can provide you with the most comprehensive storm window options in The Woodlands and Houston areas. Contact us today to discuss your home renovation project and to discover the best customer service in the industry at Apple Glass.


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