Residential Glass Repair in Houston for Double Pane Windows

Large double pane window after residential glass repair in Houston from Apple Glass

Residential glass repair in Houston can restore the beauty and function to your double pane windows.

One of our most sought-after glass repair services is residential glass repair for double pane windows. Double pane windows are one of the most critical parts of your home. They let in light, help you with ventilation, and also provide good insulation from the outdoors because they’re really energy efficient. If you notice any signs of damage to your windows, make sure you get residential glass repair in Houston immediately. 

Residential glass repair in Houston restores your compromised double pane windows and prevents major repairs down the line. That includes ensuring that your home is free from drafts and leaks as a result of double pane window damage. If you’re wondering what your repair options are for your damaged double pane windows, read on to learn more.

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When Do You Need Residential Glass Repair in Houston for Double Pane Windows? 

There are many reasons you may need repair for double pane windows. For instance, old age, improper installation, or accidents involving rocks or baseballs. So, when do you need your residential glass repair in Houston? Any time there’s damage, you need to call our team for glass repair. 

Signs you need residential glass repair for your double pane windows include the following: 

  • Chips or cracks in the glass 
  • Fog/condensation between the glass panes 
  • Shattered glass
  • Loose panes 
  • Damaged frames

A damaged glass seal makes the window lose its function. That means the immediate effects include poor insulation and higher energy costs. As such, a damaged double pane window requires immediate repair. 

What Are Double Pane Windows? 

As their name suggests, double pane windows are windows featuring two panes of glass with a type of gas (usually argon) sandwiched between them. 

Heat loss and heat gain through windows translate to about 25%-30% of residential cooling and heating energy consumption. Windows are a common culprit for heat gain and loss. That’s why many homeowners are now upgrading their old windows to double pane windows due to their energy efficiency. The two pane glass feature improves insulation for the home so there’s less temperature exchange between the inside and the outside. 

Residential Glass Repair in Houston Options for Double Pane Windows 

Given that double pane windows have no moving parts, many different things could go wrong, meaning there are different levels of repair. That said, it’s always important that you contact glass repair experts because there’s more involved than just patching up a crack in your double glass. 

There are plenty of options for repairing your damaged double pane windows, but here are the most common options for your residential glass repair in Houston: 

Replacing the Insulated Glass Units 

If the window glass is cracked, chipped, or shattered, or there’s condensation between the panes due to a damaged seal, you can just replace the damaged section of the window. Just make sure the window frame is in good condition.

Repairing a damaged section of a double pane window involves removing the old glass panes and replacing them with an insulated glass unit. An insulated glass unit is essentially a new piece with two panes of glass with argon sealed in between them. We can also install the insulated glass unit into the frame to repair the window and keep it energy efficient. 

Any time there’s something wrong with your double pane window glass, it usually means that the argon gas has leaked out. The result is that your window no longer offers the same level of insulation, which is why we’ll replace both pieces of glass rather than one piece of glass. For instance, if there’s a crack in the pane, the gas will escape, thereby requiring a replacement rather than glass repair in Houston for just the affected pane. 

Replacing the Window 

In some cases, replacing a damaged section of your window may not be an option – you might need more than that. If your window frame is damaged or the window is quite old, then the best repair option is to replace it. 

Often, replacement is actually better than repair in the long-run for really worn or damaged windows. Damaged frames won’t keep a tight seal needed for efficient insulation. Also, the older the window, the more likely you’ll need frequent repairs. 

It’s important to note that double pane windows are only meant to last between 10 to 20 years, depending on the exact type and quality of your window. If your windows are reaching the end of their lifespan, then they’ll likely begin to break more often and eventually cost you more to repair than replace. 

In addition, old windows are likely to use outdated technology, meaning they’re probably less efficient than newer options. Repairing such windows might not guarantee you the best fix. Instead, we may recommend replacement instead of residential glass repair in Houston for longer-term savings. 

Expert Glass Repair in Houston from Apple Glass 

Are you looking for reliable, convenient, and quality glass repair in The Woodlands and Houston? Look no further! Our team at Apple Glass company is here to help. There’s a lot of complex technology involved in double pane windows, and choosing a reputable and experienced residential glass repair company will help avoid future detrimental damages. 

We’re a locally owned and operated glass company with decades of experience. Our team proudly offers comprehensive services for home, auto, and commercial glass repair in Houston and The Woodlands, TX. Our highly trained glass technicians provide quality services you can trust.

So, are you ready to get started on your next glass repair project? Contact us for a free quote and let Apple Glass expert technicians fix your residential glass repair needs.    

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