Houston Windshield Replacement: Why is There Tape on the Glass

Auto glass technician beginning Houston windshield repair process.

Houston windshield replacement aftercare is important for protecting your new windshield.

A windshield is a vital part of your car. If it has irreparable damage, you’ll need to get a replacement as soon as possible. Once you have your Houston windshield replacement, the next step is to prioritize the aftercare, and that includes leaving the windshield tape in place for some time to keep your windshield safe and allow it to cure. 

Understanding the right steps for your windshield’s aftercare will help you ensure that your new windshield stays in pristine condition. Read on to learn more about windshield replacement aftercare and why you might find tape on your windshield after a replacement.

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Why Is There Tape on the Glass After Houston Windshield Replacement? 

We use tape during our Houston windshield replacement process for a few reasons. Primarily, we use windshield tape (also called retention tape) to keep the moldings in the proper place. This prevents the windshield from moving out of place after we bond it to the vehicle frame. The windshield tape ensures that the resin adhesive gets sufficient time to cure. 

The tape also helps protect the windshield seal against elements while the adhesive and the seal set and dry. When dirt, dust, water, and debris are not kept away, they might ruin the installation.

How Long to Leave Tape on After Houston Windshield Replacement? 

So, how long must you leave the windshield tape on after your Houston windshield replacement? Usually, we leave the tape on even after it’s time to pick your car up. The technician then gives you all the necessary aftercare instructions for the windshield. 

However, usually, you want to keep the windshield tape on for 24 to 72 hours after the windshield’s replacement. How long the tape should be left on the glass also depends on the weather. 

If it’s warm and dry, you can remove the tape in 24 hours because the resin will probably be fully cured. If it’s cold or particularly humid, then it’s best to leave the tape on for about 48 to 72 hours just to be sure that the resin is fully set and dry. 

Also, you want to remove the tape gently from the windshield to ensure everything stays in place. Even though the windshield tape might not be aesthetically pleasing on your car, it’s best to adhere to your technician’s instructions so that you enjoy a windshield that will remain in good condition in the long run. 

Other Houston Windshield Replacement Tips 

One of the common questions we receive is “how can I protect my newly replaced windshield?” Besides leaving the windshield tape on, there are other steps you should take to protect your replaced windshield. 

When giving solutions for auto glass in Houston, here are other windshield aftercare tips we encourage car owners to follow to protect the newly replaced windshield. 

Don’t Drive Your Car Until Your Auto Technician Says You Can 

Don’t drive your car immediately after having your windshield replaced. Doing so might create some gaps and the windshield will not be attached firmly, making it dangerous for everyone on the road. The period you wait after windshield replacement before driving is called safe drive-away time. 

Usually, when you have your Houston windshield replacement, we’ll just set the pickup time from our shop for the length of time the windshield needs to sit for the glue to harden enough to drive. However, this is only important for mobile repairs where you don’t have to pick the car up. 

Typically, you need to wait about an hour, but sometimes it can take more or less depending on many factors like the type of windshield, type of adhesive used, humidity, and temperature. 

Avoid Major Potholes or Rough Terrains for 24-72 Hours 

Once again, the glue may be dry enough to drive on smooth roads but might not be cured fully until then. That means that driving on rough roads can shake the windshield, preventing it from setting properly on its frame. 

Avoid rough, gravel roads with potholes, bumps, and rough terrain because they can increase the risk of windshield damage. When the adhesive completely cures, you’ll be free to go off-roading or drive over any potholes you like without worrying about the windshield replacement becoming loose. 

Don’t Wash the Car for 72 Hours 

Avoid washing your car for at least three days after your Houston windshield replacement. Car washes can interfere with the adhesive curing process, so it’s best to wait until you’re sure it’s fully cured. 

However, that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to clean your vehicle. It just means that you should keep away from car washes because they use high-pressure equipment like jets and motor pumps which can reduce the strength of the windshield adhesive. If you must clean your car, you can clean it using a damp microfiber cloth with mild soap only in the dirty areas.

Do I Need Windshield Replacement? 

Many minor damages are easy to repair without the need to replace the entire windshield. For instance, small chips and cracks are usually repairable. However, severe damages need windshield replacement services. 

The main signs that you need a windshield replacement include: 

  • Large cracks 
  • Deep chips or cracks 
  • Loose windshield 
  • Damage near the edge of your windshield 
  • Damage directly in the driver’s sight 

Superior Glass Solutions from Apple Glass Company 

Taking proper aftercare steps for your newly installed windshield will help ensure that the adhesive and the sealant cure appropriately without leaving gaps between it and the car frame. That way, your windshield will stay in proper condition for a long time. 

If you need glass solutions, our team of experts can help you install, repair, or replace all types of glass. With decades of experience in business, we’re a proud local company with locations in Houston and The Woodlands. We offer total solutions for auto glass, residential glass, and commercial glass. We also offer mobile windshield repairs in Houston for convenient service wherever you are. Contact us today to receive a free quote!

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