Glass Repair in Houston for Mirrors

Mirror in antique furniture that needs glass repair in Houston

Get glass repair in Houston for valuable, custom, or sentimental mirrors.

Mirrors are an attractive addition to any home. They become even more meaningful when they possess either a sentimental or financial value – such as heirloom pieces containing mirrors, antique finds discovered at flea markets, and custom-crafted creations. Unfortunately, these precious mirrors can be easily broken and necessitate repair or replacement. If you have a damaged mirror that isn’t a standard model, then you should consider glass repair in Houston. This way, you get professional assistance from an expert team of skilled craftsmen. So, you’ll have no problem restoring all your valuable mirrors to their original state.

At Apple Glass, we understand that replacing some mirrors can be costly and that there might not always be a suitable replacement. That’s why we provide glass repair in Houston and The Woodlands for all types of mirrors. With a combination of skill, quality materials, and decades of expertise, we can help you turn back time on any damaged mirror. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

Meanwhile, keep reading to learn more about Houston glass repair services, the benefits of hiring a professional, and everything else you need to know about restoring mirrors.

Is Glass Repair in Houston Possible for Mirrors?

While it may be easier to simply replace cheaper mirrors, glass repair is worth considering if you have a valuable or sentimental mirror. Repair is often a good option for custom mirrors, antique mirrors, and heirloom pieces – saving money and preserving your treasured items.

From small chips and scratches to large-scale repairs, our experts have the tools and expertise to take care of it all. They will assess the damage, determine what materials are needed for the job, and then repair the mirror to its previous condition if possible.

Types of Glass Repair in Houston for Mirrors

All glass repair is different. Depending on the type of mirror damage, you may need a specialist who can repair it. Here are some of the most common types of glass repair in Houston:

Repair for Scratched Mirrors

Scratched mirrors are one of the most common types of glass repair in Houston. Pets, people, and everyday wear and tear can cause scratches in glass surfaces. If the scratch is relatively shallow, often we can buff it out to restore your mirror.

However, for deep scratches, this may not be possible. Instead, we may recommend a custom mirror panel to replace badly scratched mirrors.

Also, keep in mind that these repairs are only for scratches on the surface of the glass; they won’t be effective for scratches in the silvering, which is usually on the back side of the glass to make the mirror reflective. Instead, you’ll need repairs for desilvering. 

Glass Repair in Houston for Desilvering

Desilvering is when the reflective backing of a mirror starts to wear away. There are many potential causes, including humidity, aging, and corrosion. Desilvering makes the mirror lose its reflective qualities, making it unusable.

Fortunately, glass repair is often possible for desilvering. If it’s on the edges, you can simply add a frame to the mirror to cover up the unsightly areas.

However, if it’s in a more noticeable spot, the mirror may need resilvering. This involves adding a chemical coating to the back of the glass to give it a reflective finish. This process takes time and may cost more than other repair options. however, restoring your precious mirrors is often worth it.

Repair for Cloudy Mirrors

Sometimes, mirrors can become cloudy or foggy due to moisture in the air, which is perfectly normal. For instance, during a shower your bathroom mirror can fog up. However, sometimes mirrors look permanently cloudy. This is generally an issue with the mirror backing. When moisture infiltrates the backing, it may make mirrors permanently foggy.

Fortunately, this type of glass repair in Houston is relatively easy. We can replace the backing on the mirror and move it away from moisture sources to help prevent further damage.

Mirror Repair for Chips and Cracks

If your mirror has a chip or crack, it can be dangerous and should be repaired as soon as possible. These cracks weaken the glass. They can also spread over time.

Usually, replacing the glass is usually much easier than fixing a cracked mirror. We can custom make mirrors in any size and shape to replace the damaged mirror, even if it’s housed in furniture like a china cabinet.

Glass Repair in The Woodlands & Houston from Apple Glass

When it comes to glass repair in Houston, it’s essential to find a reputable and experienced glass expert who is equipped to handle your specific needs. With the right professional, repairs can be made quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your valuable mirror is safe. Whether you need repair for scratched mirrors, desilvering, cloudy mirrors, or chips and cracks, glass repair in Houston can help you restore your mirror to its former glory.

If you’re looking for reliable glass repair in the Woodlands and greater Houston area, look no further than Apple Glass. We have been providing glass repair services in the Greater Houston area for decades and offer quality services at affordable prices.

We can repair scratched, desilvered, cloudy, and cracked mirrors quickly and efficiently. Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced in all types of glass repair, so you can rest assured that your mirror will be in good hands.

Contact us today for your free quote and to learn more about how we can help you. We look forward to assisting you with your glass repair needs.

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