Houston Windshield Repair May Improve Your Car’s Value

Planning to sell your car? If you have a damaged windshield, Houston windshield repair may help you get a better price for it! Even minor damages can affect your car’s resale value, but there are a few factors to think about. 

Damaged Windshields May Lower Your Car’s Resale Value

money for car after Houston windshield repair

Houston windshield repair may help you get more money for your car.

Chipped or cracked auto glass in Houston may reduce your car’s resale value. However, this might depend on how you’re planning to sell your vehicle. For example, whether you choose to sell your car privately or trade it in through a dealer can determine the price of your car and whether you should opt for Houston windshield repair. 

Private Sales

If you’re selling your car privately, you may want to consider getting the auto glass repaired for damages. You might think it’s better to skip Houston windshield repair and leave that to the person who buys it. This might not be your best option, though. 

While you can sell your car with a chipped or cracked windshield, it may mean selling for less than you would otherwise, or even having a harder time getting interested buyers. This may depend on the people looking at your car.

While some people won’t mind a small chip on the windshield, others may use this against you. For example, they may try to haggle the price down because of a damaged windshield. We’ve heard of many potential buyers trying to get people to take significant amounts off the price of a car for things like this. They might even ask for more off the price than it would cost to simply repair the windshield.

In other cases, trying to sell your car with a damaged windshield might turn people off from even contacting you. In some cases, they may see a chipped or cracked windshield as a sign of larger trouble.

Here’s the thing: windshield and auto glass repair is a pretty simple repair. It doesn’t cost a lot, usually only takes a couple of hours, and it’s pretty convenient with mobile glass repair options.

Because of this, some people may start to question whether there are other things wrong with the car that haven’t been repaired. Even if it’s in great condition, a damaged windshield might scare people off from your listing.

Therefore, before selling your vehicle, you may want to consider auto glass repair to help improve your car’s resale value on the private market.

Dealer Trade-In

Though privately selling your car might get you a better price, it can be a pretty big hassle. Instead, many people choose to trade in their old vehicle with a car dealer because it’s often simpler and easier than selling it privately. However, once again, you might want to consider Houston windshield repair to get a good trade in price.

If you’re trying to trade in a car with damaged auto glass, then the dealership is likely going to take the price of a windshield replacement in Houston right off the top of the trade in price.

That’s right, we said replacement and not repair.

Even if you only have a small chip that could be repaired, in most cases the dealer is going to choose to replace the whole windshield. This is because they know selling a car with a damaged windshield can be difficult. Many dealership service technicians don’t know how to repair these damages, so they’re likely going to replace the windshield before putting it out on the lot. 

So, getting a few quick windshield repairs can help you get more out of your car’s trade in. 

Houston Windshield Repair May Improve your Car’s Resale Value

Why would a damaged windshield affect a car’s value so much? Windshields are an important safety feature and damages can be an eyesore!

Houston Windshield Repair Makes the Glass Safe

Your car’s windshield doesn’t just stop weather and bugs from hitting you in the face while you drive (though that’s important!). In many cars, the windshield supports the frame of the car to help keep the roof from caving in during an accident. What’s more, windshields can also serve as support for the airbags to push against when they deploy. 

Even a small chip can weaken your windshield and make it less safe. Therefore, just like any other damage that reduces the safety of your vehicle, windshield damages can lower your car’s value. 

The great thing about Houston windshield repair is that it helps strengthen your windshield again to make it safe without needing to replace the whole glass panel. It’s a quick and budget-friendly way to improve safety for your car, which can go a long way in helping you get more money out of your car. 

Repairs Help Your Auto Glass in Houston Look Great 

Another issue with selling a car with a damaged windshield is that it’s really noticeable. Chips and cracks in the windshield are not only glaringly apparent in-person and through pictures, they’re an eyesore that might make your car look bad. 

Most people want a car that looks good! They might settle for one that doesn’t, depending on their needs and budget, but practically every car buyer is going to prefer a car that looks good compared to a car that looks worn or damaged. So, a few quick windshield repairs can make a big difference in how your car looks, which may help you get a higher resale value.

When to Get Windshield Replacement in Houston Instead of Repair

We’ve talked a lot about windshield repairs, but sometimes they’re just not feasible. For example, if you have really large or complex damage, or if the damage is right in your line of sight when you drive the car, it may be time for a replacement. 

While this is the more expensive option, it may still be worth it if you’re planning to sell your car! If minor windshield damages can affect your car’s value, then major damages certainly can. In these cases, replacing the windshield may be your best option. In many cases you might even be able to go through your insurance to help with the costs of windshield replacement before you sell the car.

Aftermarket vs. OEM Windshields

If you’re going through your insurance for a windshield replacement in Houston, then you might not have the option to choose between an aftermarket and an OEM windshield. However, if you’re replacing the windshield without the insurance claim, or if your insurance lets you choose, there are some things to consider. The type of windshield you choose might also affect your car’s value. 

OEM windshields are windshields made by the original manufacturer based on the car manufacturer’s design. So, when you choose an OEM windshield, you get the same quality, durability, and color of windshield as the original. Choosing an OEM windshield may improve your car’s resale value, but there are some factors to consider. 

An aftermarket windshield is a windshield created by another manufacturer. While these windshields will obviously be the same size and shape as the original windshield, they are required to be a little different by copyright law. This means they may be a different color, might be thinner or thicker, or otherwise be different. Aftermarket windshields are less expensive, but may also slightly lower your car’s value, so you may need to weigh the pros and cons.

When it comes to choosing between OEM and aftermarket windshields, you should ask yourself how much it will affect the resale value. If an OEM windshield will likely pay for itself, then choose that option. Otherwise, aftermarket may be the better choice for your wallet.

Glass Specialists at Apple Glass

Need auto glass repair? Our specialists at Apple Glass Company offer years of experience and knowledge to help you improve your car’s safety with expert auto glass services. Our team is committed to providing you with fast, dependable, budget-friendly solutions for all your needs. Whether you need mobile windshield repair or a total windshield replacement, we’re here to help you find the right options for your needs. Call us now at (713) 680-1400 in Houston or (281) 296-0600 in The Woodlands to get a free quote!

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