Glass Houston Shower Doors for Wet & Dry Zones

Considering turning your bathroom into a wet and dry zone space? This is a popular bathroom trend that can add value to your home. Just make sure you choose the right Houston shower doors for your space! Combine style and function with high quality, durable doors and glass panels that are perfectly suited to your bathroom and décor. 

Using Houston Shower Doors and Glass to Separate Wet and Dry Zones in the Bathroom

Bathroom separated into wet and dry zones with textured Houston shower doors

Houston shower doors are an ideal way to separate wet and dry zones in your bathroom. Take advantage of this luxurious trend in your home!

One of the most popular ways to separate wet and dry zones in your bathroom is with glass. Shower glass is waterproof and durable, but also a beautiful addition to any home. Another reason why most people choose glass and Houston shower doors to separate wet and dry zones is because it helps section off the space without making your bathroom look smaller. No one wants to feel like their bathroom is small or cramped, and glass helps the room look bigger and lets in plenty of light in both zones. 

There are a few ways to use glass in your new wet and dry zoned bathroom. First, you’ll need to decide between framed glass and Houston frameless shower doors and partitions. Framed options offer a traditional look and you can match the frame color to your other plumbing fixtures for a seamless look. However, they can make your bathroom look a little smaller, which is why many people go frameless. Frameless options don’t have anything around them that can interrupt your line of sight, which can help show off your freestanding tub or beautiful tile work. 

Also, while most people choose clear glass, this isn’t your only option for Houston shower doors and partitions. Clear glass is great because it allows people to see the gorgeous elements you chose for your bathroom’s wet zone, and also helps let in a maximum amount of light. However, if privacy is a concern, there are tons of textured glass options to choose from, like frosted. These allow light in, but blur you from view.

Generally, people use glass partitions, Houston shower doors, or a mix of the two to help keep wet zones separate from dry zones.

Glass Partitions

Depending on the setup you choose for your bathroom, you might decide to use just glass partitions instead of Houston shower doors to help separate wet and dry zones in your bathroom. This is a great way to get a really open look!

However, you’ll need to place glass partitions just right to help reduce water splashing into your dry zone. As you’re designing your new bathroom, it’s important to consider potential “problem areas” for splashes. For example, if you place your shower head too close to the glass partition, it might not block all the water from your shower from getting into your dry zone. 

As you’re designing your space, it’s vital to think about just how big your glass partitions need to be to effectively separate the wet and dry zones. Our team can help you determine the right size and type of glass partitions and walls to help protect your dry zone from water from your shower and bathtub.

Houston Shower Doors

Separating wet and dry zones may be a little easier with Houston shower doors. This can completely enclose the wet room and block water from infiltrating your dry zone. Glass doors don’t interrupt the eye or the light in your space, but provide a really effective way to break up the bathroom into different zones. With Houston shower doors you’ll have peace of mind that your dry zone isn’t at risk of being a hybrid wet/dry zone by accident. 

If you have the space, you might opt for traditional hinged glass doors. These open outward (or both inward and outward if you’d like) to give you access to the wet zone. However, in some cases you may not be able to choose these types of Houston shower doors for your wet zone due to space issues. For example, if the door won’t open fully because it runs into the vanity. In these cases, it might be better to opt for sliding shower doors. Also known as bypass shower doors, these slide from side to side to help you save space in your new bathroom.

Either option is a beautiful and functional way to help separate wet and dry areas in your bathroom. If you’re remodeling to take advantage of this luxurious bathroom design trend, consider installing Houston shower doors for extra separation and protection. Our glass specialists offer guidance to help you choose the perfect glass options for your new bathroom. 

Benefits of Wet Zones and Dry Zones in Bathrooms

Why are so many people separating their bathrooms into wet and dry zones? There are a few reasons for this. 

Safety and Accessibility

This style of bathroom is great for accessibility. Wet rooms means there’s no shower curb to step over, which is great for those with mobility issues. You can also choose Houston shower doors that are easier to open to make your bathroom a safe and accessible space for the whole family.


The wet and dry zone bathroom trend became really popular in high end hotels, and exudes luxury and a spa-like feel, which is why many people are taking this trend home to their own bathrooms. It’s a great way to help show off freestanding tubs and floor mounted tub fillers that have become popular, without being worried about water splashes on walls and non-waterproof areas. 

Custom Houston Shower Doors from Our Team at Apple Glass

When you need custom glass solutions for your home, choose our team at Apple Glass Company! We have the expertise to help you find the perfect options, whether you’re in the market for Houston frameless shower doors for your bathroom or need Houston glass repair for your windows. We offer fast, dependable services for all types of glass and help homeowners throughout Houston and The Woodlands. Call us now at (713) 680-1400 in Houston or (281) 296-0600 in The Woodlands to get a free quote!

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