Windshield Repair in Houston After an Accident

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Windshield repair in Houston helps restore structural integrity to your auto glass.

Have you been in a car accident? You might need windshield repair in Houston. Sometimes, accidents can cause unnoticeable damage that can weaken your windshield, which can also put you and your passengers in danger. Make sure you inspect your windshield thoroughly after every accident and get help from expert glass technicians for any damage you see in the glass.

Do I Need Windshield Repair in Houston After a Car Crash?

Now, when many people think of a broken windshield after a car crash, they think of shattered glass from a major accident. However, even minor fender benders can damage your windshield! Any time you have an accident, take some time to look over your windshield for signs of damage. 

You’re probably thinking you’d know if a car accident damaged your windshield, but this might not be the case. Chips and cracks might be pretty easy to see, but sometimes the damage might be hidden. For instance, hairline windshield cracks can happen near the edge of the windshield around the black frit band, making them pretty hard to see. In severe accidents, the glass of your windshield might be completely unharmed, but the impact could have cracked the adhesive holding the windshield to your car. If your vehicle has frame damage, it could put too much pressure on the windshield.

We’ve seen these situations happen before. Keep in mind that a damaged windshield is a weak windshield, which can create safety hazards for you, your car, and your passengers, as well as anyone else on the road. It’s best to have your auto glass inspected after accidents and to repair any damages as soon as possible. 

Will the Insurance Pay for Accident-Related Windshield Repair in Houston?

A common question about windshield damage after a car accident is whether the insurance will help with the costs of repair. This might depend on the situation and who’s at fault for the accident, as well as some other factors.

I Caused the Accident

If you’re at fault for the accident, your insurance may or may not cover windshield repair in Houston. Really, the only way to know for sure is to read your policy or check with your insurance agent about your specific coverage. 

In general, if you have comprehensive coverage, then the insurance will cover the costs of damage after you pay your deductible. Depending on how high your deductible is (and whether you have other damage to your vehicle from the crash), this might be a good choice to help with the costs. However, keep in mind that windshield repairs are typically pretty economical and may not even cost as much as your deductible, in which case you might choose to not file a claim since you’ll be paying the same amount out of pocket anyway. Still, it’s good to check with your insurance company, as some offer to waive the deductible for auto glass repair. 

Now, if you have liability only insurance, then your insurance probably won’t cover the costs for your damaged windshield. Liability insurance is the minimum required by law and only helps the other driver if you caused the accident, it typically won’t cover anything on your car. Still, it’s important to repair any damages to keep your car safe after an accident, and windshield repair costs are quite affordable. 

The Other Driver Caused the Accident

So, what if the other driver caused the accident? In these cases, you typically file a claim with their auto insurance provider. The other driver’s insurance company should cover the costs to fix your auto glass in Houston if the damages are due to the accident. However, keep in mind that the other driver probably isn’t liable for damages that existed before the accident. For instance, if you had a chip in the windshield, their insurance probably isn’t going to pay to get it repaired because it wasn’t caused by the accident. Nevertheless, a damaged windshield is a safety hazard for you and your passengers, so you’ll want to get it repaired as soon as possible. 

Do I Need Windshield Repair or Windshield Replacement in Houston?

After an accident, some damages might require a windshield replacement in Houston instead of repair. Some damages can’t be repaired properly to restore structural integrity to your windshield. In these cases, it’s time for a replacement. 

Here are some things that warrant a replacement instead of repairs:

  • Cracks longer than a dollar bill
  • Chips bigger than two inches in diameter
  • 3 or more chips or cracks on the windshield
  • Cracks near the edge where the glass connects to the frame
  • Damages directly in the driver’s line of sight
  • Damages that have discolored the glass
  • Loose windshield

Generally, you’re better off getting a replacement for these issues to help keep your car safe. 

How the Windshield Protects You During a Car Accident

Your windshield is one of the most important safety features on your car. You might realize that it helps protect you from rocks and bugs, but it plays an even more important role: giving your car structural support. That’s why it’s important to get windshield repair in Houston as soon as you notice any signs of damage.

Windshields don’t just keep debris from flying into your face while you’re driving, they also help stop the roof from caving in during an accident and help keep you inside the vehicle during a crash. 

Also, windshields are important for airbag deployment. In many cars, airbags shoot upward and use the windshield to kick off from to get into the right position. Therefore, any weak areas could make the airbags deploy differently than they’re meant to. 

Your windshield works hard to keep you safe while driving and during an accident. Keep it in good condition for safety and don’t forget to inspect it thoroughly after even minor car accidents. 

High Quality Auto Glass in Houston from Apple Glass

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