Glass Repair in Houston: Broken Window After Home Invasion

broken window after burglary needs glass repair in Houston

If you have a broken window after a home invasion, you need glass repair in Houston ASAP to protect your home and family.

Have a broken window after a break-in? You need glass repair in Houston fast. Many burglars enter homes through the windows. In fact, first floor windows are the second most common way burglars enter houses. Front doors account for about 34% of break-ins, while first floor windows come in second at 23%. Therefore, after a home invasion, there is a good chance you will need to repair or replace your windows. However, keep in mind that there are some steps you may need to take before  getting the glass in your windows repaired. In this article, we will go over why fixing a broken window is important, what to do if you discover a broken window from a break-in, and some common glass repair options for broken windows. 

Get Glass Repair in Houston ASAP After a Break-In

If a home invader entered your home through a broken window, it’s important to repair the window as soon as you possibly can. Broken windows affect the safety, comfort, and security of your home and can put you and your family at risk for many issues. Two big risks of a broken window are allowing the elements into your home and making your home easy to break into again. So, make sure you get in touch with professional glass technicians that can fix your window ASAP after a break-in. 

Glass Repair in Houston Protects You from Weather and Pests

A window’s primary job is to protect your home and family from the elements. They help seal your house from the outside to maintain comfortable temperatures and also stop any moisture, dirt, and debris from getting into your home. Also, windows stop pests like mice, rats, snakes, and insects from getting into your home. Pests and weather can put your family’s safety at risk and also damage your belongings. A broken window after a home invasion can leave your family vulnerable to weather and pests. Therefore, you want to get glass repair in Houston as soon as you can to avoid this issue. 

Broken Windows Make Your Home a Target

Many break-ins are crimes of opportunity. When you make it easy to break into your home, you increase the odds that someone will. An already broken window is a prime chance to break into a home. It shows that someone else may already have gained access to the house without getting caught. Also, the new criminal won’t even have to risk the sound of broken glass to enter your home. Residential glass repair in The Woodlands helps secure your window and make it less attractive to opportunistic criminals who may want to see what the last burglar left behind. Therefore, it’s important to get your broken window fixed as soon as possible to discourage a repeat. 

Broken Window from a Home Invasion: What to Do Before Glass Repair in Houston

Getting glass repair in Houston for a broken window is important, but there are a few things you may need to do first. If you think someone has broken in through your window, the first priority is to stay safe. You may also need to contact a few different people before getting your window fixed. This can all help you with the process of moving forward after the break-in. So, here are some things to do if you think a burglar broke your window and invaded your home: 

Call the Police

One of the very first things you should do if you think your home was broken into is call the police. If you notice your window is broken and suspect someone may have broken in, dial 911. Most police officers recommend staying out of your home until help arrives, as the intruder may still be inside. Police can enter and make sure it’s safe for you to come into your home after a break in. 

If you already entered your house and discovered signs of a break-in, get out immediately and wait in a safe place for police to arrive. While most criminals will bolt the second they hear someone else in the home, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Burglars can be a threat to you and your family, so avoid confrontation with them if possible. 

Also, try not to touch anything until police arrive to investigate. Cleaning up the broken glass and moving things around can make it difficult for the police to investigate and make a police report. While we know you want to get glass repair in Houston and get back to normal as soon as possible, it’s important to let the police do their job. This can help  them catch the criminal and the police report can also help with making an insurance claim after a break-in. 

Gather Evidence for Your Insurance Company Before Glass Repair in Houston

Even after the police have confirmed your home is safe and completed their report, you may still need to hold off on glass repair in Houston for your broken window. Don’t clean up the mess just yet. Instead, we recommend taking some photographs and gathering other evidence of the break-in for your homeowner’s insurance. Taking these steps can help you with your claim for the damages and your missing belongings after an accident. Therefore, make sure everyone stays a safe distance away from the broken glass, particularly your children and pets, and do what you need to do to document the break-in. 

Talk to Your Homeowner’s Insurance Before Glass Repair in Houston for Broken Windows

In a similar vein, you should also call your homeowner’s insurance before any glass repair in Houston takes place. Talking to your insurance agent helps you understand what they need for your claim. In some cases, the pictures you took, the police report, and the other evidence of the crime is sufficient for a claim against your insurance. However, some insurance companies also like to visit your home before making a decision on your claim. If this is the case, cleaning up and repairing the broken window could hinder the claims process and make it more difficult. So, check in with your insurance company to see how they want you to proceed. Fortunately, many insurance companies today have 24/7 phone lines you can call to help you determine if you are okay to start cleaning up and securing the broken window or if you need to wait for an adjuster to investigate in person. 

How to Board-Up Windows After a Break-In

Once you’ve talked to the police and your insurance company, you can secure your window until you can get glass repair in Houston. Securing the window helps temporarily protect your home from weather, pests, and other criminals. The first thing to do is clean up all the broken glass. Do this carefully so you don’t hurt yourself. We recommend wearing thick-soled shoes and heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands and feet. Also, remember to double-bag any trash bags with the broken glass in it to help stop it from poking through. 

If you can, remove any glass still stuck in the frame. Then, pick up the larger glass shards and throw them away. Use a broom and a vacuum to pick up the smaller pieces of glass that are difficult to pick up with your gloved hands. 

Once you’ve cleaned up all the broken glass, you will need to cover the window. You can do this with heavy-duty trash bags, thick plastic sheeting, or a tarp. Tape the covering material to the window frame and pull it as taut as possible. This can help create a barrier between your home and the outside until you can get window repair. 

Glass Repair in Houston for Broken Window Glass

Glass repair in Houston for broken windows depends on the type of window you have. Generally speaking, if just the glass has been damaged, technicians can typically replace the glass panes. However, if you have a damaged window frame or if the window isn’t serviceable, you may need a complete replacement. 

For single pane windows, our team can typically measure and cut glass on-site to repair your window with. We can place it into the frame with window putty for long-lasting glass repair in Houston. 

Double pane windows are typically harder to repair. In some cases, you may need a window replacement. However, in other cases our team may be able to replace the broken pane with a replacement insulated glass unit. This is a sealed replacement window pane with two pieces of glass and specialized gas trapped inside to help with insulation. Our team can walk you through your repair options to get your window fixed as soon as possible after a break-in.

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