Houston Windshield Repair for Leaking Windshield

leaky windshield in rain needs Houston windshield repair

If you notice your windshield leaking, you need Houston windshield repair ASAP.

Think your windshield is leaking? You need Houston windshield repair as soon as possible! Let’s go over why you need to address leaky windshields ASAP, signs to look for, and some options for fixing the leak.

Do I Need Houston Windshield Repair for a Leaky Windshield?

Whether you discover a leaky windshield while going through the car wash or when it’s raining, you might be wondering just how concerned you should be for windshield leaks. Especially if it’s just a few drops, you might think it’s fine. However, leaks mean there’s a malfunction in your windshield. We will go over some of the causes of windshield leaks a little later in this article, but just keep in mind that windshields are not supposed to leak. 

Obviously leaks can damage your car’s interior, which no one wants. However, leaks can also cause more serious problems, including electrical problems if the water reaches wiring, sensors, or other electrical parts. Therefore, if you have a leaky windshield or think your windshield might be leaking, it’s essential to get Houston windshield repair. Our glass technicians can determine if you have a leak and the right way to repair the windshield.

Signs of a Leaky Windshield

If it’s like a torrential downpour in the cabin every time your car gets wet, that’s a pretty good indicator you have a leaky windshield. However, by the time the problem gets to this point, it’s probably been going on for quite a while. There are several signs that you may have a small windshield leak. 

Some signs to look out for include:

  • Mold inside your car
  • Mildew in the car
  • Rust stains on the dashboard
  • Wet carpet in the car
  • Water damage in the car cabin
  • Frequent fog inside the windshield
  • Whooshing or whistling sounds while driving (if air gets in, so can water)
  • Windshield doesn’t sit flush with the car
  • Rattling noises from the windshield

Also, keep in mind that water from a leaky windshield can travel elsewhere in the car. Even wet carpet in the trunk of your car can be from a windshield leak. Water can leak down the windshield and travel through channels underneath the carpet and pool up in other areas. Therefore, if you notice any moisture inside the car, don’t rule out the windshield if it’s near the back. 

Causes of Windshield Leaks

If you discover a leak in your car, the windshield is a likely culprit. Water typically gets into the car in one of four ways: through a broken air conditioning system, through pinholes in the car’s body (frequently near the windshield), through a faulty windshield seal, or through a windshield crack. So, if you have water leaking into your car’s cabin, there’s a decent chance it is from your windshield. 

In most cases, windshield leaks are due to a faulty seal between the auto body and the windshield. This can happen for many different reasons. For instance, if your windshield is really old, then it may be that the urethane sealant is simply starting to break down naturally. In other cases, it means the original windshield technicians didn’t install it correctly. Also, if your windshield was installed in the rain or where there was a lot of moisture, the urethane may not have cured properly, also negatively affecting the seal. In some cases, you may be able to get Houston windshield repair for faulty seals for your windshield. In other cases, you may need a replacement windshield. 

As we’ve mentioned, modern cars use urethane sealant to stick the windshield directly to the car body. However, if you have a vintage car, then you may experience a leaky windshield if the gasket is worn out or damaged. In the past, windshields were installed using a rubber gasket to hold the glass in place. These gaskets tend to wear out over time and can crack, rip, or otherwise become damaged, which can lead to leaks.

While less common, windshield cracks can also lead to leaks. If external water leaks into your car from a crack in the windshield, it means the crack has penetrated both layers of glass and the plastic inner layer.

How to Test Your Windshield for Leaks

As we mentioned, there are other reasons why you might have water leaking into your car cabin. Therefore, it’s important to test your windshield for leaks. This will help you determine the right course of action to fix the problem. There are two main ways to detect leaks in your windshield. 

The first is to simply soak the windshield with water. You can take your car through a car wash or even just grab your garden hose and spray the windshield. Then look to see if you can visually see water leaking into your car. 

Another option is what we like to call the bubble method. For this windshield leak test, you will need some soap and water and maybe an air compressor if you have one. Cover your windshield and the surrounding area with really soapy water. Then, either blast the defroster or use an air compressor to blow air around the windshield edges from the inside of the car. If you see bubbles forming, then there’s a gap where water and air can leak through the windshield.

Houston Windshield Repair for Windshield Leaks

If you have a leaky windshield, Houston windshield repair may be able to stop the leak. For minor leaks from faulty windshield seals, our technicians can often repair the damage. This service typically involves finding the location of the leak, removing the exterior trim from the car, and adding more urethane sealant. Once dry, we will re-test the windshield to ensure the leak is fixed. This is the most affordable option. However, repair isn’t always an option for a leaky windshield. Instead, you may need a Houston windshield replacement to stop windshield leaks. 

When to Get Houston Windshield Replacement for Leaky Windshields

In other cases, you may need a windshield replacement to stop a leaky windshield. For example, if the seal around the windshield is seriously deteriorated, then it may be best to start over with a brand new windshield. Also, if you have water leaking into your car from a windshield crack, this is actually a really serious windshield damage that means your windshield is weak. In these cases, our glass experts will remove the old windshield and the old sealant before replacing it with a brand new windshield. Our team can help you find the most affordable option for your needs if you need a Houston windshield replacement. 

Houston Windshield Repair and Replacement from the Experts at Apple Glass 

When you need glass repair in Houston, choose our experts at Apple Glass. We offer dependable glass services for a wide range of needs. Whether you need glass for your home, car, or business, we offer quality products and experienced services for you. We even offer mobile auto glass repair! Get a free quote today from our team for your glass needs. 

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