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Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

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Cleaning Glass Shower Doors of Soap Scum in Houston

Are your Houston shower doors not as clean as you would like? Showers are one of the most frequently used spaces in a home and to keep your shower looking fresh and clean, it is vital to learn how to prevent soap scum buildup while preserving the overall look of your bathroom. Soap scum buildup is a grayish-white residue that occurs when bar soap reacts with the hard water left over after your showers. Soap scum is a very time-sensitive issue, if you don’t take action right away, it can harden and cause big issues. At Apple Glass, we are here to offer tips on cleaning glass shower doors and keeping your shower fresh.

Soap scum is an unsightly addition to your bathroom and is caused when hard water,  dirt, and paraffin wax from bar soap mingle on your shower glass and harden to create a concrete-like substance if left untreated for too long.  If not removed, soap scum has the potential to permanently damage your glass shower doors causing stress while putting a strain on your wallet if you choose to professionally treat it, and it all can be avoided when managed regularly. Soap scum residue left on Houston shower doors may leave your bathroom looking dingy and unkempt. The process of managing soap scum can be tiring and can deter people from investing in glass shower doors. But not to worry because we have shower glass cleaning solutions for you. 

Tools & Strategies for Cleaning Glass Shower Doors

If you are looking for easy cleaning solutions that effectively remove soap scum from glass shower doors, try an everyday squeegee as it can work wonders. This technique can also help you avoid bigger issues down the line. What is a squeegee? A squeegee is a t-shaped blade that is made with leather or rubber and is used to remove or control the flow of liquid on flat surfaces and can really help in the removal of soap scum on glass. A microfiber cloth is an eco-friendly method of cleaning especially when using the myriad of cleaning products on the market today.

Soap scum sticks to shower doors in Houston because it is a mixture of bar soap residue and hard water, and Houston bathrooms are consistently humid. Hard water contains minerals such as calcium bicarbonate and magnesium bicarbonate which if left untreated can harden like concrete and leave your bathroom looking dingy and gross. Soap scum is harder to clean when it is not dealt with regularly. If you use a squeegee or a distilled vinegar solution every day, the soap scum will be easier to manage. A vinegar solution may be able to help. If you mix one part vinegar and one part dish soap in a spray bottle all you have to do for daily cleaning is,  spray it on and wait thirty minutes before wiping it down.  This type of cleaning solution works on any type of glass shower door. Framed or frameless. Shower doors in Houston are not the only victims of soap scum, your bathroom fixtures, particularly metal ones can also be affected. 

Unfortunately, no bathroom fixtures or specific finishes are immune to soap scum. For chrome fixtures, you can try using a vinegar and water solution. Rinsing stainless steel or chrome bathroom fixtures before applying undiluted vinegar can help prevent corrosion. Brass and oil rubbed finishes should only be cleaned using water as other cleaning solutions could damage the overall finish and look of your fixtures. For these, consider referring to the manufacturer’s guide on cleaning.  If you have ceramic tile or a porcelain tub, since these are harder finishes, you may use commercial soap scum removers or even baking soda. If you have a fiberglass tub we would advise against using a pumice stone to remove hardened soap scum because this will damage the fiberglass on your bathtub, resulting in permanent damage. 

If you have the right tools to clean your shower door or bathtub you won’t risk damaging the glass or enamel coating. Repairs will likely be costly and time-consuming. We would advise against using anything metal to remove soap scum from your shower doors as that can lead to cracks or scratches in your shower glass. Instead, use a squeegee or something non-abrasive. If the soap scum is particularly stuck on the surface or heavy, try mixing distilled white vinegar and baking soda.  Consider adding table salt to this mix for a more abrasive approach to soap scum removal without permanent damage to your shower or bathtub. Another option to break down soap scum is lemon juice. The citric acid in lemons can break down the stubborn, stuck-on soap scum which makes for easier removal and will leave your bathroom smelling fragrant and fresh. 

Looking for Glass Shower Doors Installation and Repair in Houston?

Our certified glass technicians have been working with glass shower doors in Houston and residential glass repair for over 20 years. We can help you turn your shower into the oasis you’ve always wanted. If you end up scratching or cracking your shower glass, we can help you fix it. We are a trusted name in repair, installation, and replacement of any glass, not just residential. The team at apple glass also works with auto glass repair, windows, and restoration of vintage glass coffee tables. Call us today for a quote and we will be happy to assist you with all of your residential glass needs! 


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