Heads-Up Display & Windshield Repair in Houston

Person driving with heads up display needs windshield repair in Houston

If you have a heads up display in your car, this might affect windshield repair in Houston.

You may have noticed that cars are getting smarter. New technology is constantly improving performance and safety for our cars. One futuristic feature that many automakers are installing on new models is heads-up display, which projects information onto the windshield. This can help reduce the amount of time drivers look away from the road to check things like speed and navigation. Many people are considering vehicles with heads-up display functionality, but keep in mind that this may affect windshield repair in Houston if you get a chip or crack in the windshield. Let’s discuss heads-up display, how it works, and how it might affect glass repair and replacement. 

Windshield Repair in Houston for Heads-Up Display Windshields

The main question is whether you can repair heads-up display windshields. This really depends on many different factors, like where the windshield damage is and the type of heads-up display technology your car uses. 

If your heads-up display windshield is damaged, you might wonder if windshield repair in Houston is an option. The best way to know is to have an expert glass technician inspect the damage and the windshield. There are some cases where repair may be an option. In other cases, replacement may be the best solution for a damaged heads-up display windshield. That’s why it’s important to work with skilled glass technicians to help keep your car safe and ensure you get all the functionality you need from your auto glass in Houston.

How Does Heads-Up Display Work? Is Windshield Repair in Houston an Option for All HUD Windshields?

Whether you can repair a heads-up display windshield usually depends on the type of technology your car uses. You see, heads-up display (HUD) technology varies a lot between different cars. There are three basic ways automakers include heads-up displays in their vehicles. The type featured in your car can affect windshield repair and replacement. If you’re not sure what type of technology your car uses, you can have an experienced auto glass technician take a look to determine the right course of action for windshield damage. 

The basic premise of HUD technology is to project information in the driver’s line of sight while driving. Taking your eyes off the road for even a second increases your risk for an accident. However, you obviously need to check your speedometer to make sure you’re following the speed limit, or check navigation information to ensure you arrive at the right destination. The idea for heads-up display is to give you all this information without ever having to take your eyes off the road. The type of HUD technology your car uses can affect not only which auto glass services you will need for damages, but also the cost. So, keep this in mind if you’re shopping for a new car with HUD.

Special Chemicals in HUD Windshields

One way to achieve heads-up display is to project information directly onto the windshield itself. However, with normal windshield glass, the light would simply travel straight through the glass, rather than displaying information. Therefore, automakers had to come up with a solution that would help reflect the light so it could show text and graphics on a HUD windshield

To accomplish this, many automakers use special windshields with chemicals called phosphors inside the glass of the windshield. You can find phosphors in many glow-in-the dark products like toys. Essentially, they glow when they’re exposed to light. For glow-in-the-dark toys, that might be light from the sun or from a lamp. In your windshield, it will be the lights from the HUD projector, usually found in the dashboard. The lights are incredibly focused, which allows them to activate the phosphors in very specific areas to create text and graphics for your heads-up display. 

As of now, there aren’t any windshield repair resins that contain the same clear phosphors as HUD windshields. Therefore, repairs for windshield chips and cracks may not work for HUD windshields that use phosphor technology. In these cases you will likely need an OEM windshield replacement in Houston for best results.

Plastic or Mirrors Embedded in Windshields

Another way automakers create a heads-up display with information projected onto the windshield is they sometimes embed plastic or mirrored panels in the windshield. These are typically semi-transparent and help reflect light from the projector to provide the heads-up display. 

With these windshields, the reflective piece is usually in just one area of the windshield, unlike the above HUD windshield that features special phosphors. Therefore, depending on where the windshield chip or crack is, repairs could be just like any other windshield. For chips or cracks in the HUD area, you would likely need a replacement windshield to keep using your heads-up display. 

Off-Windshield Displays

Finally, one of the most affordable types of HUD actually uses a separate plastic piece that reflects information. These are usually placed right in front of the windshield. They can come with the car or even be an aftermarket addition. Since these don’t use the windshield at all, but a separate component, windshield repairs are usually just like any other car. 

When You May Need Windshield Replacement in Houston for HUD Windshields

Now you know the difference between different types of heads-up display technologies, you can likely see that sometimes you will need a replacement instead of repairs. For instance, it’s often the best solution to replace windshields that use phosphors to create a heads-up display, as these glowing chemicals are inside the glass itself. Also, if you have windshield damage in the plastic or mirrored panel for the second type of HUD, you’re likely looking at a replacement windshield to keep using your heads-up display. It’s important to note that most car manufacturers recommend using OEM replacement windshields for cars with HUD systems. Using a different windshield can interfere with HUD functionality, such as making it blurry, unfocused, or even making it not work at all. 

Expert Windshield Repair in Houston from Apple Glass

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