Getting Ready for Spring With These Auto Maintenance Tips

bmwWarmer weather in Houston is just around the corner. Taking steps now to do some basic maintenance on your vehicle can help you make the most of the spring and summer seasons. If your car or truck has suffered cracks and chips to its windshield during the winter months, a visit to an established Houston auto glass shop can prevent these minor issues from spreading to become serious threats to your visibility and to the structural integrity of your vehicle. Here are seven additional tips for spring maintenance of your vehicle.

Check your Support System

Potholes and other bumps in the road can put stress on your shocks and struts. Scheduling a thorough inspection can ensure that these vital components of your automobile are in proper functioning order prior to any major trips or vacation outings planned by your family during the warmer months. Struts and shocks are critical to a comfortable ride for you and your passengers, so making any necessary repairs early on can help you enjoy a more pleasant experience behind the wheel. Also have you wheel alignment checked to avoid excessive tire wear

Optimize your Stopping Power

Your brakes can experience deterioration during the winter months due to road salt, changing temperatures and excess moisture. Regular check-ups on your front and rear brakes can ensure the greatest degree of safety and can allow you to stop more quickly when hazardous conditions arise on Texas streets and roadways.

Get to the Bottom of Things

Changing from winter weather tires back to all-season radials can provide better traction during spring and summer. Be careful not to make this move too soon, however; Texas weather is notoriously unpredictable and a late-season freeze could catch you with the wrong tires for the job. Rotating your tires and checking them for any signs of excess wear can ensure safer travels in the upcoming months.

Make Time for an Oil Change

Late winter and early spring are ideal times to schedule an oil change for your car, truck or SUV. Where appropriate, changing to heavier-weight oil can boost performance and provide improved lubrication throughout your engine’s moving parts. Working with a trusted auto garage can help you make the right choices throughout the year.

Charge Things Up

Cold starts can reduce the longevity of your car battery during winter. If your battery is already beyond its expected useful life and shows signs of deterioration, installing a new battery now can help you stay safer on the road and can ensure ample power for all your car’s electric-powered systems.

Push Fluids

A comprehensive check of all your vehicle’s fluid levels can prevent costly breakdowns and can extend the life of your car or truck. While engine oil is usually considered the most critical, your coolant level, transmission and power steering fluids are also major factors in the smooth running of your vehicle and its continued performance on the road. Brake fluid levels are also important and should be checked on a regular basis.

Ensure Greater Clarity

Winter weather can take its toll on your wiper blades. Salt, sand, extreme temperatures and the stress of scraping ice off glass can reduce the flexibility of the blades causing reduced contact with your windshield. Replacing your wiper blades before spring rainfall arrives can help you ensure optimal visibility and safety on the road. Most Houston windshield repair companies can recommend quality wiper blades to ensure a clear field of vision during rainy spring days and nights to get you ready for the travel season.

At Apple Glass Company, we specialize in providing the best services in the Houston windshield replacement and repair marketplace. Our auto glass technicians can quickly and effectively repair the damage done by winter driving conditions to help you start spring off right with clear visibility and a damage-free windshield. Contact us today or stop by one of our two conveniently located shops to discover the best and most responsive service in the Houston auto glass industry.

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