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Is your driving costing you a fortune in windshield repair in Houston? Take a look at these driving tips to avoid auto glass damage.

It’s never a good day when you get chips in your windshield. However, your driving habits could be causing chip and cracks more often than normal. To prevent windshield damage and needing frequent windshield repair in Houston, be sure to drive carefully and avoid situations where debris could hit your vehicle. This will help you keep your auto glass in good repair. It can also help you avoid costly windshield repair in Houston. However, if you do notice chips and cracks in your auto glass, repair them as soon as possible to avoid higher costs and potential safety hazards.

Driving Tips to Prevent Windshield Damage & Windshield Repair in Houston

Sometimes windshield damage is unavoidable. However, in many cases, you can avoid needing frequent windshield repair in Houston by adjusting your driving habits. Even the most experienced drivers can fall prey to these common driving behaviors that may damage your auto glass. Follow these tips to help decrease your risk of windshield damage:

Don’t Tailgate

Oftentimes, people who need Houston glass repair for their car frequently also habitually tailgate other drivers. Keeping some distance between you and the car in front of you can help you avoid windshield damage. Tires tend to kick up rocks and debris that can collide with your windshield and create chips and cracks. However, following farther behind other drivers can help you avoid this.

Avoid Large Trucks

Similarly, you increase your chances of needing windshield repair in Houston when you follow large vehicles like semi-trucks. Not only do these vehicles have larger tires, some have more tires than your average car. This increases the number of fragments that might fly up and hit your windshield. If possible, it’s best to safely get in front of large trucks, or give them plenty of room while driving behind them.

Gravel Roads and Construction Sites Could Increase Your Risk of Needing Windshield Repair in Houston

Unfortunately, construction sites can worsen the potential for auto glass damage. Construction sites not only have more rocks and debris, they also often use heavy equipment and large trucks for their efforts. Therefore, construction sites combine two of the main hazards that might lead to windshield repair in Houston. When possible, avoid construction areas altogether and plan an alternate route instead.

Slow Down

Did you know that what actually causes the damage on your windshield is the motion of your car moving forward against a rock or other piece of debris? The faster you go, the higher the impact. This means that driving too fast can make windshield damages worse. Instead, make sure you drive the speed limit or even slower in hazardous conditions.

Another benefit of slowing down is that it makes it easier to see risks on the road that could damage your windshield. For example, slowing down may make help you see and avoid road debris before it hits your windshield.

Avoid Trains to Help Prevent Frequent Windshield Repair in Houston

Similar to large vehicles like semi-trucks and dump trucks, trains wheels can kick up debris that may damage your windshield. Therefore, to avoid rock chips or large cracks that require windshield repair in Houston, try to avoid taking roads where you may run into trains. This can also save you the frustration of having to wait for trains to pass, so it’s a win-win situation. However, when you can’t avoid them, be sure to give train tracks plenty of room. The farther away your auto glass is from the train tracks, the less likely you’ll be paying for auto glass repair.

Avoid Extreme Weather

Also, weather can lead to a damaged windshield. Therefore, it’s important to keep your car out of extreme weather whenever possible. Naturally, storms are a common cause of windshield damage. Large pieces of hail can impact your windshield and leave behind chips and pits. Wind during poor weather can also carry debris with it that may hit your vehicle. Check your weather forecast and try to park in covered parking whenever possible, especially during storms.

By contrast, you should also avoid hot, sunny weather. Extreme heat can actually worsen weak spots in your auto glass and may lead to chips and cracks. Therefore, it’s best to park in the shade when it’s hot to help avoid needing windshield repair in Houston. If you do need to park your car in the sun, then remember to gradually cool down your car. The quick change from hot to the cold from your air conditioning can damage your glass and also create cracks in weak areas.

Why Get Windshield Repair in Houston As Soon As Possible?

When windshield chips and cracks do occur, it’s important to get them repaired as soon as possible. Houston glass repair for your vehicle is a pretty quick and inexpensive service. However, ignoring damage on your windshield may lead to chip and crack expansion that will require windshield replacement in Houston. This service is more expensive than repair, so you can save yourself money and hassle in the long run by repairing damage quickly.

Also, driving with a damaged windshield can affect the structural integrity of your car. Windshields are an important component of your car’s structure, providing strength and stability. A damaged windshield can even affect airbag deployment if you get into an accident. The safest option for windshield chips and cracks is to schedule repair as soon as possible to avoid further damage and potential issues.

At Apple Glass Company, we provide innovative glass solutions for your car, home, and business. Our expert auto glass technicians can help you repair or replace your windshield so you can maintain optimal visibility on the road. In addition to our two convenient locations, we also offer mobile repair services to ensure you receive the services you need as quickly and easily as possible. Call us today at (713) 680-1400 in Houston or (281) 296-0600 in The Woodlands to schedule an appointment or request a free quote. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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