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Clean dead bugs off your auto glass as soon as possible to avoid windshield repair in Houston.

Bug splatters all over your windshield can be annoying, but did you know they can also lead to needing windshield repair in Houston? That’s right, bugs can damage your auto glass and even your paint. Many insects can leave major or minor damage that you’ll need windshield repair in Houston to fix. Therefore, make sure you take a few precautions to protect your auto glass in Houston from bugs this year.

Dangers of Bugs On Your Windshield

Most insects fly about four feet above the ground, which is the perfect height to hit your windshield and leave behind annoying smears. Most of us find these splatters gross and irritating, but dead bugs on your auto glass can also cause damage that requires windshield repair in Houston or even increase your chances for a car accident.

Can Bugs Cause Damage That Requires Windshield Repair in Houston?

So, how exactly to bugs hurt your windshield? True, insects seem way too small to harm a car. However, this misconception can mean needing frequent windshield repair in Houston. For example, leaving dead insects on your windshield can cause permanent stains on your auto glass. This can impair visibility and create hazards as you drive.

Also, many insects, like the love bug, have acidic insides. When they smear on your windshield, bugs leave behind these acids, which can harm your car’s paint and auto glass. These acids can cause small, imperceptible damage to your windshield called micro-abrasions. These small scratches on the surface may weaken your auto glass. They can also build up over time and make your windshield look cloudy. This may result in needing windshield repair in Houston like polishing and buffing your glass, or even a replacement windshield.

Additionally, bug splatters can even make you damage your auto glass while trying to clean them off. For example, many people end up scratching their windshield trying to remove dead insects from the glass. Often, the residue left behind on your windshield is difficult to clean, especially if it’s been left on there for a while. This leads to many car owners scrubbing their glass or using improper products in order to remove bugs from the glass, which can leave scratches and other damages.

Cleaning insects off your windshield as soon as possible can help prevent windshield damage from bugs’ acidic insides. Be sure you keep your windshield washer fluid full for when bugs do hit your car. However, if they do stick on your glass, be sure you use products designed for auto glass and wash bugs off gently with a soft microfiber cloth to prevent scratches in your windshield.

Reduced Visibility While Driving

In addition, dead bugs on your windshield can affect your ability to see while driving. In fact, the dirtier your windshield is, the more likely you will be in a car accident. When a bug impacts with your windshield and sends its guts splattering across the glass, this can decrease visibility out of your windshield. Often, trying to clean these bugs away with your washer fluid and windshield wipers just leaves a streaky mess. Even if these splatters seem small, they can make it more difficult to see, which affects your ability to drive. Therefore, it’s best to clean them off as soon as possible for optimal visibility. You can also try preventing them from hitting your windshield in the first place.

Avoiding Bug Splatters on Your Auto Glass in Houston

One of the best ways to avoid bug damage that needs windshield repair in Houston is to prevent bugs guts from sticking to your auto glass. For example, driving slower may reduce the number of bugs that hit your windshield. However, in many cases driving slowly isn’t an option, so there are other things you can do to help prevent bug splatters on your windshield.

There are many windshield bug repellent products on the market that can help. These aren’t like bug repellent sprays for your skin – they don’t stop bugs from coming near your car. Instead, they help create a surface that makes it difficult for dead bugs to adhere to on your glass. This makes it easier for you to clean them off and also helps prevent micro-abrasions and stains from stuck-on bugs. However, it’s important to choose a repellent that is specifically designed for auto glass to help prevent damages that require windshield repair in Houston.

Another great option is installing a bug deflector on your car. These are usually made of acrylic, which is a strong, durable type of plastic. Bug deflectors attach to the front of the hood of your car, which means that bugs are more likely to hit the deflector than your windshield. It also helps change the aerodynamics of your car slightly to help push bugs up over the top of your car instead of directly to your windshield. Bug deflectors may also help reduce how many small rocks and sand from hitting your windshield, which can leave chips, cracks, and pitting that require windshield repair in Houston.

Taking some preventative measures against bugs can help protect your windshield from harm from the acidic splatters that bugs leave on your windshield. They can also help reduce the number of bugs on your windshield that make it difficult to see while driving. Therefore, in many cases these few extra steps can help you protect yourself, your car, and your passengers.

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