Benefits of Storm Windows for Your Home

res-glassYour home should be a haven from cold blasts of wind and rain in the winter and the intense heat of summer, but if you feel little relief from the assault of extreme weather, your windows are likely to blame. Many older homes have single-pane windows that do very little to help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You can always replace them with newer, energy-efficient windows, but the high cost is prohibitive for many homeowners. Your other option is to have storm windows installed by the Houston glass repair experts at Apple Glass.

What Are Storm Windows?

Storm windows serve as supplements to primary windows as they are installed over them. This double layer of protection helps buffer wind and rain and can even block some noise from the outside. A dead air space exists between the primary window and the storm window to increase thermal performance. This feature impedes outside elements from penetrating the windows and also prevents your heating and air conditioning from escaping.

What Are the Different Types of Storm Windows?

Cost-effective storm windows fall into two main categories: exterior and interior. Exterior storm windows are installed on the outside of the main window and are sealed with caulk on the top and sides. The bottom is generally left unsealed to allow condensation to escape. Many people prefer interior storm windows, which are installed on the interior surface of the primary window, because these windows are not visible from the exterior of the home. They also require less maintenance because they are not exposed to the elements. Both exterior and interior storm windows come in a range of configurations featuring “tracks” that allow you to move glass panes and screens for your desired amount of air circulation.

What Materials Make up Storm Windows?

Depending on your budget and needs, you can choose storm windows made from an array of materials. Each material has its pros and cons, and our Houston glass repair professionals can help you choose the best fit.

Frames are typically made of wood, aluminum or vinyl. Although they insulate well, wood frames tend to expand and contract in extreme weather conditions. Aluminum frames require almost no maintenance at all, but they are not a good insulating material because they conduct heat so rapidly. Vinyl frames insulate well and are resistant to breakdown from the sun’s rays, but they may warp when exposed to high temperatures.

Panes come in glass and various types of plastic. Glass is a good choice for those who want higher visibility and a longer-lasting product, but it is heavy and vulnerable to breakage. Glass is also more expensive, so those on a tight budget may choose plastic panels made of acrylic or polycarbonate. These materials are effective, but they can sustain damage.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Storm Windows?

As an alternative to purchasing expensive replacement windows, storm windows offer the following benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency: Storm windows add an extra barrier to retain interior heat in winter and prevent external heat from entering in summer for a reduction in heating and cooling bills.
  • Noise reduction: A second window unit can help buffer outside noise.
  • Allergen reduction: Securely fitting storm windows help prevent pollen, dust and other allergens from entering the home so that those with respiratory issues can obtain relief.
  • Protection of primary windows: External storm windows can help extend the life of your main windows by sheltering them from the elements.
  • Inexpensive installation: Our residential glass repair professionals in Houston and The Woodlands offer a wide range of ready-made products to fit every window without the need for expensive carpentry.

Residential Glass Repair Houston

At Apple Glass, we offer the best in Houston glass repair and replacement. Whether you need Houston auto glass repair, residential glass or commercial glass, our team of experts will work with you to identify your unique needs and find a solution that fits your budget, so contact us today to obtain a quote.

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