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If you think rust may be lurking underneath your windshield seal, you need windshield repair in Houston.

If you notice rust around your windshield, you might not think much about it. However, this can be potentially deadly. If you notice rust around your windshield, you’ll need windshield repair in Houston or even body work to help keep your car safe. 

See Rust Around Your Windshield? You May Need Windshield Repair in Houston

Rust can happen on practically any metal surface on your car. Most of us worry about rust on the body or under the paint job on our cars. However, you should also be wary of rust in the pinch weld.

The pinch weld is the groove where the windshield sits. Generally by the time you can actually see rust in this area, it’s a significant problem and it’s likely taken quite a while to get to this point. 

If you do notice rust or corrosion around your windshield, it’s best to schedule windshield repair in Houston. Your technicians can help you determine what to do based on the condition of the pinch weld around your windshield. Rust around your windshield can be dangerous, so it’s important to address the problem straight away. 

Why is Rust Near the Windshield Dangerous?

So, why is rust such a problem? Generally, if you see rust or corrosion in the pinch weld of your car, that means that moisture has gotten under your auto glass in Houston. Therefore, your windshield may not be sealed properly to the body of your car. 

This can mean several things for your safety. First, if the windshield isn’t sealed properly because of rust, that means that it could potentially fly out during an accident or even a particularly large bump. While this is an extreme example, it can still happen. 

In addition, if your windshield isn’t bonded to your car properly, this can affect how your airbags deploy. Many car models have the airbags push against the windshield to deploy properly during an accident. Therefore, rust in the pinch weld can put you at risk in a car crash.

Also, this can put extra stress on the glass, making it more prone to damage like chips and cracks that require windshield repair in Houston to fix. Frequent repairs can quickly add up and it can be a hassle to deal with. 

Should you need windshield replacement, rust can make it so that the glass doesn’t adhere properly to the body of your car. This can cause some of the same safety hazards as above and also leave your car vulnerable to leaks, windshield fogging, and more. 

Can Windshield Repair in Houston Fix Rust in the Pinch Weld?

If you already have rust around your windshield, then it’s time to schedule windshield repair in Houston. Your glass specialist can assess the damage and help you determine the best course of action to take. 

In some cases, your glass technician may be able to get rid of the rust spots in your car’s pinch weld. When the rust is only on the surface and hasn’t begun to weaken the metal, then sometimes you can sand it off and seal it with a silicon sealant. However, it’s important to understand that this is likely only a temporary fix that slows the progression of the corrosion. 

However, for more extensive rust or corrosion, you’ll likely need to have a body shop remove the rust. Sometimes this involves heavier sanding or even patching the metal around the pinch weld. This is specialized work that generally is better left to a professional auto body technician. Once the rust and corrosion is gone, then your auto glass technician can install your windshield. 

Aluminum Body Cars May be Prone to Corrosion

Now, rust mainly happens on older cars that are built from steel, but what about newer models that have aluminum bodies? Unfortunately, your aluminum pinch weld may still be vulnerable. 

While aluminum doesn’t rust because there’s very little iron in the metal, it can still corrode. What’s worse, aluminum corrosion may happen faster than steel rusts. This is because aluminum loves oxygen, which is what causes it to slowly break down and corrode.

Generally there are a couple of things that can speed up corrosion around your windshield. Salt, such as the sea salt in Houston’s air, can speed up corrosion and quickly eat away at the metal around your windshield. 

Also, cross-contamination of metals can cause quick corrosion in the pinch weld. Typically we see this after someone has had their windshield replaced by a lower quality company. Why? Because even using the same windshield repair or removal tools between a steel car and an aluminum car can cause this type of cross-contamination. In most reputable shops, there will be separate tools for these different metals to reduce the risk of corrosion. 

What Causes Rust Around the Windshield?

So, why might you find rust around your windshield? There are several reasons this may happen to your car. Generally it’s more common to see rust around the windshield if there’s no longer the original seal around the windshield. In other words, if you’ve ever replaced your windshield. There are a few reasons why this is. 

First, it can occur because of ill-fitting parts, such as if you replaced your original windshield with a low quality aftermarket one. Also, if you went to a cut-rate, low quality glass repair shop, improperly installed glass can also leave your car’s pinch weld vulnerable to rust. When removing the old windshield, less experienced technicians may scratch the paint, leaving it vulnerable to rust and corrosion. If that technician doesn’t seal those areas before putting on your new windshield, then there’s a chance you could end up with a rusted pinch weld. 

In addition, defective glass or defective adhesive could be to blame for rust around your windshield. This is especially true if the glass or adhesive allows moisture in, causing leaks or windshield fogging. If you notice your windshield leaks or fogs up a lot, then consider windshield repair in Houston from our team to help reduce the risk of costly repairs for rust or corrosion around your windshield. 

How to Prevent Rust around the Windshield

So, how can you prevent rust and corrosion in the pinch weld of your car? First and foremost, make sure to work with an experienced auto glass company who provides quality repairs and replacements.

Also, while this may not prevent rust itself from happening, regularly washing and inspecting your car for rust or corrosion can help with early detection. The sooner you recognize rust, the easier it will be to repair so you can keep your car safe. 

Finally, if you notice any leaks or other issues that point to sealing problems between your car’s frame and the glass, bring it in to have our specialists check out the issue. 

Expert Windshield Repair in Houston

If you need glass repair in Houston, choose our elite team at Apple Glass. We offer the highest quality glass services at affordable prices and are a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council. Our team is here to provide you with the solutions you need for your car, home, and business. Call us today at (713) 680-1400 in Houston or (281) 296-0600 in The Woodlands to get a free quote!

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