Windshield Repair in Houston May Save Your Life

Car recently in accident after windshield repair in Houston

Windshield repair in Houston keeps the glass strong in case of an accident. It may just save your life.

Windshield repair in Houston helps restore your chipped or cracked windshield. Many people get windshield cracks and chips repaired because they are annoying and detract from the look of the car. Many also get repairs to avoid the higher costs of replacement, since windshield damages typically get worse with time and can lead to a replacement instead of simple repairs. These are great reasons to repair a damaged windshield. However, what most people don’t realize is that windshield repair in Houston could actually save your life. We’ll explain how in this article. 

When Do You Need Windshield Repair in Houston?

Before we get into the many ways that your windshield protects you from injury and death, first let’s talk about when you actually need windshield repair in Houston. There are many different scenarios where you might need repairs for your windshield. Some of the most common are chips and cracks in the glass. You might notice this type of damage after a rock hits your windshield while driving or even after a minor car accident. For these types of damages, usually windshield repair involves filling the damaged area with a special resin that hardens and strengthens the windshield. 

In some cases, you might also need repairs for a loose or rattling windshield. This generally means that the bond between the glass and the frame of the car is faulty in some way, typically due to poor installation. In these cases, our team may be able to add extra bonding agent to secure it and keep your car safe. 

How Windshield Repair in Houston Could Save Your Life

Now, it might seem like an exaggeration to say that windshield repair in Houston may save your life one day. However, windshields are an essential safety feature of any vehicle. When it comes to everyday driving, the auto glass in Houston helps protect you and your family from dust, dirt, small road debris, and weather. In addition, having a windshield in good condition helps you have plenty of visibility to drive safely. These are things we easily take for granted every day. However, chips and cracks in the glass can absolutely negatively affect your driving ability and safety. 

Windshield Repair in Houston Helps Keep Your Car Safe During an Accident

In addition, windshield repair in Houston can help protect you and your passengers during an accident as well. Many people don’t realize that the windshield offers a lot of protection and strength for your car. Any type of damage to the windshield can weaken the structural integrity of the glass and stop it from doing its job during an accident. Here are some ways that your windshield protects you during a car accident:

Windshields Provide Up to 60% of a Car’s Structural Strength During a Rollover Crash

While rollover crashes are fortunately rarer than the average fender bender, they do happen pretty regularly. The problem with these crashes is they’re often catastrophic and can cause severe injuries or death. During a rollover crash, the windshield actually provides about 60% of the roof’s strength to prevent it from collapsing. Most windshields are designed to hold up to one and a half times the car’s weight to protect you from harm if you land upside down after a rollover. 

However, this is based on the windshield in undamaged condition. Even small chips and cracks in the auto glass can make it weaker, increasing the risk of failure during an accident. Therefore, it’s important to get windshield repair in Houston as soon as you notice damage to help protect you in case of a rollover accident.

Windshields Provide Up to 45% of Strength During a Front End Car Crash

Rollover accidents aren’t the only type of accident where your windshield is important for safety. During a front end collision, the windshield provides about 45% of the strength to the cabin. This helps absorb some of the force from the accident and also reduce the risk of the cabin collapsing in on itself during a crash. 

Once again, though, it may not offer the same level of protection if it has chips or cracks in the glass. Therefore, for safety’s sake, we recommend getting windshield repair in Houston for any damage you see in your windshield.

Windshields Help Your Airbag Deploy Properly

Windshields are also essential for proper airbag deployment. This varies among different types of cars. However, in most cases at least one front airbag uses the windshield to deploy properly. Airbags are basically controlled explosives triggered by an accident. The front airbags often use the windshield as a back plate. This allows them to push toward the people in the car in the right spot as well as slightly soften the force on the airbag. This requires a strong surface, which is another reason why it’s important to get Houston glass repair any time you notice windshield damage.

Windshields Prevent Getting Ejected from the Vehicle During an Accident

Windshields also provide ejection mitigation for the car. This essentially means that they help prevent someone from getting ejected from the vehicle during an accident. Ejection from the car can increase chances of severe injury and death. Therefore, most car manufacturers take necessary steps to prevent this from happening. 

The laminated glass in your windshield helps prevent this by not only being stronger than most glass, but also by using a strong plastic inner layer between layers of glass, which makes it difficult to penetrate even when the glass breaks. A damaged windshield is weaker, which may interfere with its ejection mitigation characteristics.

Windshields Protect You From Debris

During an accident, or even if you’re driving near an accident, there may be any number of things that fly up. Pieces of bumpers, damaged tires, or other debris can fly up and hit your car. The windshield also helps protect you from injuries by stopping these things in their tracks so they don’t enter the cabin and hit you or your passengers. Windshields are designed to withstand great amounts of force. Any chips or cracks on the glass can weaken the windshield, however. Therefore, it’s essential to get windshield repair in Houston ASAP to protect yourself and your passengers.

Top Windshield Repair in Houston & The Woodlands at Apple Glass

When you need glass repair, replacement, or installation, choose our experts at Apple Glass. We specialize in residential, auto, and commercial glass and serve The Woodlands and the Greater Houston area. We offer both in-shop and mobile windshield repair in Houston for most makes and models. Contact us now to get a free quote for your glass needs!

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