The Woodlands Frameless Shower Doors: Glass Options

Clear The Woodlands Frameless shower doors against marble shower tiles

There are many types of glass to choose from for your The Woodlands frameless shower doors.

The Woodlands frameless shower doors are the perfect addition to any home. These modern, gorgeous looking shower enclosures can add value for your home and make your bathroom look ultra-luxurious. One important design element for your new shower enclosure is the type of glass you use. With frameless options, the glass is even more on display and can make a big impact on your new shower enclosure. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most popular types of glass used in frameless shower doors and some of the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Types of Glass for The Woodlands Frameless Shower Doors

Many people don’t realize until they start designing their shower is that there are actually many types of glass to choose from for The Woodlands frameless shower doors. All glass used for shower enclosures is tempered for strength and safety, but the glass can be decorated in many different ways during the manufacturing process. Here are some popular glass options that you may want to use in your shower doors:

Clear Glass for The Woodlands Frameless Shower Doors

Clear glass is one of the most commonly used types of glass for shower doors. It’s probably the first type you thought of because it’s so popular. This glass looks similar to other types of clear glass in your home, like window glass. There are many pros and cons to choosing clear glass for your shower enclosure. 


  • Lets in lots of light
  • Makes your bathroom look large and open
  • Super modern look, especially in The Woodlands frameless shower doors
  • Widely available
  • Easy to clean


  • Will show water spots and smudges
  • No privacy for people in the shower
  • Slight green tint to the glass due to iron content

Ultra Clear Glass for The Woodlands Frameless Shower Doors

Ultra clear glass is also known as low iron glass or even HD glass because it offers visual clarity similar to an HD TV. This glass is even clearer than clear glass because it has significantly less iron. Iron is what’s responsible for the light green tint in most glass. It’s common to choose ultra clear glass for The Woodlands frameless shower doors, particularly if you have tilework inside the shower you want to show off that clear glass would maybe not do as accurately because of the greenish iron in the glass.


  • Ultra clear glass is the ultimate option for modern, luxurious looking shower enclosures
  • Makes the bathroom look even bigger because it’s practically invisible to the eye
  • Makes light or white tile and surroundings look super clean and bright
  • Shares many of the pros of clear glass:
    • Easy to clean
    • Pretty easy to to get a hold of
    • Lets in plenty of light


  • Ultra clear glass typically costs more than normal clear glass for The Woodlands frameless shower doors
  • In darker bathrooms, you may not see much of a difference between clear and ultra clear
  • No privacy
  • Shows water spots and stains

Frosted Glass for The Woodlands Frameless Shower Doors

Frosted glass is another popular option for shower doors. To achieve the frosted look, the glass is either sandblasted or acid etched to provide a slightly rough texture on the surface. This helps make it significantly less see-through than normal glass. Frosted glass often looks slightly white with a consistent texture throughout the glass. You can choose to frost the entire panel or only certain areas based on your preferences.


  • Lots of privacy
  • Much more durable than shower curtains
  • Satin finish frosted glass still looks super modern with frameless showers


  • The texture can catch dirt and debris (like towel fluff)
  • Cleaning frosted shower doors can be hard because of the texture
  • Usually offers the least amount of light to come through compared to other options
  • Visually cuts off your bathroom and makes it look smaller

Rain Glass for Shower Doors

Rain glass is a huge trend right now, especially for The Woodlands frameless shower doors. This glass is a type of patterned glass that looks like heavy rainfall on the glass pane. One side is textured during the manufacturing process to produce this effect, while the other side remains smooth. We typically recommend installing the smooth side on the inside of the shower for easy cleaning after each shower. The rainfall texture allows quite a lot of light to shine through, more than frosted glass typically, but also does a good job at hiding the inside of the shower. Generally, rain glass shower doors are the focal point of the bathroom because of the extra design element and eye-catching detail. 


  • Rain glass is pretty unique and offers added visual appeal
  • It hides smudges and water spots
  • It provides more privacy than clear glass options
  • The glass is smooth to the touch and doesn’t catch dirt and debris as much as frosted glass


  • Cleaning the nooks and crannies of the rain texture can be difficult
  • Offers less privacy than frosted glass
  • May detract from other areas of your bathroom
  • Can make your bathroom look a little smaller than clear or ultra clear shower doors in Houston

Patterned Glass for Shower Doors in Houston and The Woodlands

Another option is to choose patterned glass for your shower doors. Patterned glass can come in a variety of patterns through texturing during the manufacturing process. The world’s your oyster when it comes to this option, as patterned shower glass can look like anything from bubbles and pebbles to swirls and flowers. Rain glass is a type of patterned glass, but has become so popular that most people know it by name nowadays. Patterned glass allows you to fully customize your shower and turn a shower into the star of the show for your bathroom.


  • Versatile and totally customizable
  • Usually provides more privacy than clear glass
  • Hides smudges, fingerprints, and water spots
  • Typically lets in more light than frosted glass


  • Patterns can make it harder to clean The Woodlands shower doors because of the peaks and valleys in the glass
  • Does visually reduce the size of your bathroom compared to clear and ultra clear glass
  • Might take attention away from other interior design elements in your bathroom

First Rate Glass Solutions From Apple Glass

When you need gorgeous, top-quality glass, choose our team at Apple Glass. Our expert glass technicians offer a wide range of services for all your needs, from shower enclosure design and installation to residential glass repair in The Woodlands and Houston. We offer glass using only the finest materials and manufacturing processes so you know your glass will last and look beautiful for years to come. Get in touch today for a free quote for your glass needs, from windshield repair to shower installation.

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