The Problem with Buying Shower Doors Online

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Are you in the market for new shower doors in Houston? You might be tempted to buy online, assuming it will save time and money. But, before you hit that ‘buy’ button, there are a few things to consider when buying shower doors online. In many cases, you can run into a lot of problems with shower doors and glass purchased online. This blog post will discuss what those are so that you don’t run into any nasty surprises!

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Buying Shower Doors Online Can Create Problems for Your Home

Purchasing shower doors online can be a risky endeavor. You likely don’t have the benefit of seeing the product up close before making a purchase. This can lead to buying shower doors that don’t fit in your shower and having to deal with the hassle of returning them. Even if the shower door fits, it may not include all the parts or hardware needed for installation and require additional purchases that weren’t anticipated when ordering. Unless they are custom-order shower doors, many shower doors purchased online aren’t suitable for certain sized showers, so careful measurements need to be taken to assure proper fit. If possible, it’s best to purchase shower doors locally where you can view them in person first and get expert advice on which shower door is right for your particular needs.

Shower Doors You Can Buy Online Are Often Made of Lower Quality Glass

When looking for a new shower door to buy, quality should always be a top factor in your decision. Shopping online can have its advantages, like convenience. The downside is that it’s not always easy to assess the quality of the glass. Unfortunately, most shower doors you can buy online are often made of lower-grade glass that is thinner and more prone to deterioration over time. So, if you want a shower door that’ll last a while, it might be worth it to shop locally instead.

The Doors May Not Perfectly Fit Your Shower

If you’re thinking of buying shower glass online, there are a few things to consider. There’s a big risk that shower doors will not fit perfectly when you order online. This can be both inconvenient and expensive to fix. Unfortunately, many online retailers focus on quantity rather than quality, meaning they can be less accurate during fabrication. As a result, the glass may not be an exact fit like you’d get from our team.

Purchasing Shower Glass Online Means You Won’t Have a Professional Measuring Accurately For You

Purchasing shower glass online can seem like a convenient option. However, keep in mind that you won’t have the benefit of a professional coming to measure accurately for you. Although DIY projects are becoming more and more popular, there is still no substitute for having someone with experience and knowledge come in person to take measurements for the size of your new shower doors. Taking accurate measurements is an important part of the renovation process. It ensures everything fits together as it should and is also critical when it comes to making sure that your shower glass is safe and secure.

Buying Online Means You Don’t Get Professional Installation

Shopping online might save you time in the short-term, but keep in mind it also means you forego professional installation for shower glass. In general, the company simply ships the glass to your door. Then you’re on your own for installing your shower doors. The problem is that DIY installation can be incredibly dangerous and may increase the risk of the doors breaking prematurely. Professional installers almost always are better suited to handle this type of job due to their extensive training and experience.

Returning Shower Doors Bought Online is a Huge Hassle

Another issue with shopping online for shower glass is that the returns process can be incredibly difficult. As we mentioned, there are many ways that buying online can go wrong, from the quality to the measurements. In these cases, you might want to return them to get your money back. However, for one many companies don’t allow returns, especially for custom shower doors. And even if they do accept returns, you’ll have to ship back a huge package that can easily be broken during shipping.

A Local Glass Company Will Measure, Custom Fabricate, and Install Your New Shower Doors for You

Get gorgeous shower doors installed with no headaches! A local glass company can make it happen for you. From measuring and custom fabricating the doors to installation, they can do it all right at a fair price. Shower doors of your own choosing will look impressively perfect in your bathroom, to make it stylish and modern-looking. Our team can help you with everything you need for your new shower, from helping you choose between framed and frameless shower doors to finding the perfect hardware. This way you can have your desired functionality as well as good looks. So don’t hesitate any longer! Add extra charm to your bathroom with professionally installed doors and let our Houston glass company take care of everything.

Shower Glass from Apple Glass

Whether you’re remodeling an existing shower door or completely replacing it, you will benefit from working with a local glass company like Apple Glass. We provide precision measurements, custom fabrication, and secure installation of top-of-the-line shower doors. Not only do we guarantee your satisfaction with the product, but our team of professionals also guarantee a safe and secure installation process every time. Your new shower should be professionally crafted and installed to give you piece of mind that your bathroom is one less worry in life. If you’re ready to upgrade or replace your shower door, contact us now for a free quote — you won’t be disappointed!

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God Bless Apple Glass! I have had a horrible experience with another company and wanted to call and commend your people. You are very polite and professional. I feel I was treated very well and wish I would have chosen APPLE to begin with….Thanks!

Leroy Rodriguez August 10, 2016

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Called in and says….Great job!! Very courteous and professional…Thank you for a job well done!

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