Prefab vs. Custom Shower Doors in Houston

Custom shower doors in Houston for corner shower unit

Custom shower doors in Houston are a great addition to any bathroom.

Glass shower doors in Houston are a trend on the rise. Beautiful glass showers make any bathroom stand out and look more spacious and modern. They are a must-have for a bathroom remodel. Houstonians, understandably, have a special appreciation for an elegant shower and ergonomic bathroom during the peak of summer heat and humidity.

Of course, not all glass shower doors are the same. There’s a huge difference between prefabricated (prefab) shower enclosures and custom shower doors in Houston. 

Whether you are looking to design a new shower enclosure or replace your shower door, Apple Glass has the answers you need to complete your luxurious bathroom design. Get in touch for a free quote

In this article, we’ll discuss the differences between prefab and custom shower doors so you can make the right choice for your home.

What are Custom Shower Doors in Houston?

Custom shower doors in Houston are made from glass that is carefully measured and created just for your shower. Custom shower enclosures are a popular choice for bathroom renovations and new constructions because they are beautiful and modern.

With custom shower doors, we manufacture the glass uniquely for your home. There are many different designs and size options to create a completely personalized shower enclosure for your bathroom, but many of these designs are only available when custom-created. For example, Houston frameless shower doors are always custom because they are so tailored to each shower. You also need skilled shower door installation to ensure that each piece hangs in perfect balance for years of beautiful performance.

What are Prefab Shower Doors?

Prefab or prefabricated shower doors are those you might pick up at the home improvement store or order (very carefully) online. A prefab shower is made in standard sizes, designed to fit on a preset pan-shape set into the plumbed corner of most bathrooms. The matter of prefab showers is that they are typically limited to a predetermined shower pan size. Replacement prefab shower doors can, therefore, only be used to repair prefab showers that come in these standard sizes.

Prefab showers are typically rectangular, though some have a round outer-facing corner instead. They are also typically framed rather than frameless, showing aluminum lines between each panel because it is nearly impossible to achieve sealed, frameless precision with prefab shower glass doors and panels.

Why Choose Custom Shower Doors in Houston for Your Home

When debating which type of shower door is best for your home, it is typically better to choose a custom shower door. Prefab shower doors have significant limitations when it comes to style, material quality, installation, and meeting the needs of your current bathroom design. 

Matching Your Existing Shower

Custom shower doors in Houston can conform to any shower design you have or want. If your shower was a custom install to begin with, there is a good chance that a prefab shower door simply will not fit. Also, if your existing shower enclosure is frameless, there is a good chance that it was originally custom and you will need a custom Houston frameless shower door. Buying a prefab shower door for a custom shower enclosure means it may not fit, even if the measurements are pretty close.

The Prefab Quality Drop

Prefab shower doors are often lower quality. This type of glass is sold in retail stores at a lower price point. To ensure good profits, they keep manufacturing costs low through low quality materials and processes. Prefabricated shower doors are often made of low quality materials like plastic and fiberglass. The glass is also often thinner with more factory imperfections. 

Avoid Size Limitations

Custom shower doors in Houston can be any size you want or need. You can create a unique sliding door, a door that swings open just the right amount for your bathroom, or fit a uniquely shaped shower enclosure. Prefabricated shower doors, on the other hand, only come in a few options for both size and design. If your home does not have a standard-sized shower enclosure (or if it does not have perfectly straight walls) then a prefab shower door will not work with the space.

Did you know that custom shower enclosures can actually handle crooked walls? With precise measurements and careful installation, it’s entirely possible.

Enjoy Design Input with Custom Shower Doors in Houston

Custom shower enclosures give you design input. In fact, even just replacing a shower door with custom glass gives you the opportunity to personalize. This is a great way to make the most of your shower glass.

Want frosted flowers and vines climbing up your shower door? You can have it. Want your shower door just a little taller or shorter for steam management? No problem. Prefabricated shower enclosures only come in premade options. They look like every other shower door, with no design input except standard selections of styles, sizes, shapes, and hardware materials.

With custom showers you can choose the hardware type, hardware finish, and even the glass pattern/etching to match your aesthetic vision for your bathroom. 


Most prefab showers are designed for DIY installation. However, this can lead to many nightmares for your bathroom. Incorrect installation can cause leaks. This can lead to structural damage and mold growth. It can also cause the shower doors to shatter if they’re not hung right. With custom shower glass, our professionals install it for you for convenience and peace of mind.

Apple Glass – Your Source for All Your Glass Needs

If you are looking for a new shower door, custom glass is almost always your best option. Here at Apple Glass, we are proud to provide expert shower enclosures and shower door installation to Houston residents. We prioritize quality and make sure to offer economical options to homeowners throughout the Greater Houston area. Our professionals have extensive training to ensure you receive quality glass manufacturing, installation, and residential glass repair in Houston. We also offer comprehensive services, so whether you need new shower doors, a windshield chip repaired, or window replacement, we are your one-stop-shop for quality glass. For custom shower doors in Houston, contact us for a free quote!

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