How to Remove Window Tinting

Window tinting is a great option for those who can’t afford to switch out their windows for higher quality windows such as double paned or insulated windows from a Houston glass company. It does the job of limiting the sun’s exposure and lowering energy costs. Unfortunately, window tinting doesn’t stay nice as long as high-quality windows. Because of this, it’s important to remove tinting once blemishes begin in appear. The difficult part is removing the windows tinting, but we have written out steps to assist you in the process. Grab a steamer, an ammonia or vinegar based cleaner, a spray bottle, razor blades, plastic wrap, a blow dryer, and paper towels, and let’s get started.

Step One: Let’s Melt off the Adhesive

This part might be a little tricky. For starters, make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area. You may also wish to use a face mask to prevent the inhalation of fumes- especially if you choose to use an ammonia cleaner. Ammonia is very dangerous to breathe around in an enclosed area. Fill your spray bottle with the ammonia or vinegar, and soapy water. Spray the area with the mixture, being sure to cover the entire surface. Let the mixture sit and respray the tint when the mixture begins to dry. One way to make the process faster is by using plastic wrap to cover the area to keep the moisture in. Use a blow dryer and a steamer to heat the area as this will help to further loosen the tint. Leave the plastic wrap on for 24 hours for the best removal results.

Step 2: Peel it offHouston Glass Company

This step is hopefully easy if you followed all of step one. The window tint should have softened up quite a bit and should be easy to peel. Use a razor to pry up a corner of the tint, and begin pulling. The tint will either come off in small or large pieces depending on how much of the adhesive you’ve managed to dissolve with the ammonia or vinegar mixture. If small pieces are peeling off, repeat step one. Use more of the dissolving mixture, the blow dryer, and the steamer to loosen up more of the glue. It shouldn’t be a big struggle to remove the tint. Be sure to wipe up the excess water and ammonia//vinegar off of the window base. If the window base remains wet for too long, it’ll begin to damage the wood.  

Step 3: Clean the Window

Use the ammonia based cleaner to clean the windows after the tint has been pulled off. This will ensure that all of the adhesives have been cleaned off the glass, leaving you with a clean base. If a new tint is going to be installed on the window, be sure to thoroughly clean the window with a non-ammonia, non-vinegar based cleaner. Because these two substances loosen the glue, you do not want traces of them left on the window with the new tint. That will only ruin the new tint.

This is an easy way for you to make old windows look new again. Try these steps out, and let us know how they worked for you. Whenever you are ready for new windows, Apple Glass will be there to fit your home with the proper windows.


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