How to Avoid Damage to the Mirrors on Your Car

window-tintingFender benders, vandalism and daily use can damage your vehicle’s side mirrors. If you need a new side mirror or if you have a more extensive broken glass project, take your car or truck to a Houston auto glass company to have the work done correctly. You may think a broken side mirror is not a big deal, and you can manage without your mirror for a few weeks. That kind of logic is dangerous. It will earn you a traffic ticket in a hurry if you get stopped by the police. Depending on your driving record, you might also have your auto insurance rate increased. Having your mirror replaced is simple and quick. It is foolish not to visit a Houston windshield repair company to have it taken care of at your very earliest convenience.

The best solution to this problem is to be proactive and not damage your mirrors in the first place. Follow these tips to avoid mirror damage and lessen the likelihood that you will need to replace your side mirrors so that you can avoid having to repair your auto glass in Houston.

  1. Drive carefully, and pay attention.
    This may seem like a no-brainer, but careless driving or distracted driving will get your side mirrors clipped quickly. Stay alert when you are backing out of your garage or leaving a parking space at a shopping center. Park your car carefully in a crowded lot. It is easy to misjudge distances. If you go down to the local automatic car wash, tuck in your mirrors before going through the line. Your insurance may not cover these types of accidents, so it is your responsibility to navigate your vehicle carefully.
  2. Park in safe, well-lit areas.
    Vandals love to break side mirrors. They can do it with a quick kick or by driving by and hitting the mirror with a baseball bat. Other drivers may clip your mirror as they park next to you. If you park on the street, turn your mirrors in to avoid damage from other traffic. Do not expect that someone who breaks your mirror will stop to give you their contact information. Most likely, they will not even realize that they clipped your vehicle. Once again, your insurance may not pay for the damage, or repairs may fall under your deductible.
  3. Be gentle when cleaning your mirrors.
    They may seem sturdy, but side mirrors are easy to break or damage. Abrasive glass cleaners may scratch the glass. Stiff-bristled brushed can also gouge your mirrors. Use a soft chamois cloth and warm soapy water to clean your side mirrors and any other glass on your vehicle. If you ruin your mirrors while cleaning them, your insurance will definitely not cover the replacement.
  4. Power mirrors are not toys.
    Do not let your kids play with the controls of your side mirrors. Those controls will only last indefinitely and overuse is not good for them. If the control knobs or motors get broken, you will need to pay to replace the mirror yourself. Your insurance will not pay.
  5. Consider parking in the distant parking spots at malls or shopping plazas.
    Many parking lots have parking spaces that are too small for SUVs and pickup trucks. It is a good idea to walk the extra 30 yards to park in an area where you do not have to worry about other drivers.

If you have had the misfortune of damaging the side mirror of your car or truck, give us a call at 713-680-1400. Apple Glass can handle this and any other problems you may have with your vehicle’s glass. We do it all.

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Thanks! Your service and attitude was wonderful from beginning to end – You guys have the whole package!

Tom Glancy August 10, 2016

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The man who came and replaced our glass was so nice and professional. Would you please thank him for us?

Laura Gibson August 10, 2016

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