Houston Shower Doors: How to Fix Scratched Glass

Glass Houston shower doors in modern bathroom

There are several things you can do to help remove scratches from your Houston shower doors.

If your Houston shower doors are scratched, they may appear cloudy, dingy, or even dirty. Scratches in the glass are permanent damage, but there may be some things you can do to help restore the scratched shower glass. In this article, we’ll explore why shower doors get scratched, how you may be able to fix them, and when to give us a call for professional assistance from our glass technicians. Read on for our guide to fixing scratched glass shower doors.

What Causes Scratches on Houston Shower Doors?

If you have scratched Houston shower doors, you might not even know what caused them. However, it’s important to know what causes scratches in shower glass so you can prevent them in future. 

Scratches in your frameless shower doors in Houston may be due to accidents like dropping hard materials onto the glass or swiping the glass with objects. For instance, if you’re doing a bathroom remodel, it’s easy to accidentally scratch the glass with tools or building materials, or even your brand new towel bar.  

However, by far the most common reason for scratched shower glass that we see is from improper cleaning techniques. This usually creates small surface scratches that build up and gradually become worse and worse, eventually needing repair.

Common Cleaning Tools that Damage Houston Shower Doors

Sometimes, it’s the actual tools you’re using on your Houston shower doors that cause scratches. You should only ever use soft materials on your shower’s glass. For instance, squeegees or microfiber cleaning rags. 

Yet, many people don’t realize that the tools they’re using for cleaning may cause scratches. We frequently see scratches after a homeowner tries to clean stubborn mineral buildup from the glass, as this is where people tend to go overboard with the aggressive scrubbing and abrasive tools. 

Some cleaning tools that can cause damage to your shower doors include:

  • Metal dish scrubbers
  • Scouring pads
  • Scrubbing sides of dish sponges
  • Metal bristle brushes
  • Plastic bristle brushes
  • Pumice stones

Therefore, if you use these tools to clean your shower doors, you might find yourself with surface scratches in the glass that make them look dull and worn.

Common Cleaning Products that May Scratch Shower Glass

In addition to common cleaning tools used for scrubbing, many cleaning solutions you might have in your home can also scratch the glass. So, even if you’re being good and using just microfiber, the cleaning product itself could damage your Houston shower doors. 

Any kind of abrasive cleaning product risks scratching the glass. Generally, it’s best to use either a cleaner specifically designed for shower glass or a vinegar and water solution. Cleaning products like dry powder cleaners or anything that claims to provide scrubbing power usually contain abrasive elements. These can also create scratches in the glass surface. 

Can I Fix Scratched Houston Shower Doors?

If you have scratched shower doors, you might wonder if glass repair in Houston is an option. In many cases, you can fix small scratches in the surface of the glass, either on your own or with the help of expert glass technicians.

The key thing to note is that scratches are low spots in the surface of the glass. Usually, repairing the scratches means evening out the surface by buffing small amounts of the surrounding glass away from the scratch. 

As such, it’s important to know that any time you try to repair scratches in your shower glass, you also risk creating more damage. Therefore, it’s necessary to be incredibly careful or to call a professional for help. 

DIY Repairs for Your Scratched Frameless Shower Doors in Houston

There are several potential ways to fix scratches on your shower door. Some may work for you and some may not. Just remember, avoid rubbing too hard or using anything too abrasive, or you’ll just make the scratches worse. 

Also, these methods aren’t good for deep scratches in the glass. To know if the scratch is deep, run your fingernail across the surface of the glass. If your nail catches on the scratch, it’s too deep and you should call our professionals to repair your Houston shower doors. 

For surface scratches, you can try these methods for removing them from your shower doors:

Use Toothpaste for Scratched Shower Glass

One thing you almost certainly have in your home right now is toothpaste, which you may also be able to use to remove scratches from the glass of your frameless shower doors in Houston. Toothpastes usually feature a very mild abrasive to help clean and whiten your teeth. These can also help buff out scratches in the surface of your shower glass. 

Use non-gel toothpaste to remove scratches by applying a small amount of the paste to the glass. Use a microfiber cloth to gently rub the toothpaste in circular motions. Rinse away and repeat if necessary. 

If the toothpaste doesn’t work, you may need something slightly more abrasive to smooth out the scratches. 

Try Pumice Soap to Buff the Glass

After trying the toothpaste method, you might want to use pumice soap on your Houston shower doors. Pumice soap is a type of soap used to deep clean your skin, often used by mechanics and others who need to remove grease and heavy duty grime from their hands. It contains fine particles to help scrub away stubborn dirt and grime. You can find pumice soap online, in many big box stores, and even in auto parts stores. 

To help remove scratches from the glass of your shower enclosure, you will apply the pumice soap in a similar way to the toothpaste method. Use a soft cloth to apply it to the glass in gentle circular motions. Rinse away and check the work, repeating if necessary.

Use Glass Polisher on your Houston Shower Doors

In some cases, you might need to get a product specifically designed for glass polishing. These products usually come in small kits and the product itself usually contains cerium oxide. For this method, you should follow the instructions on the packaging. 

However, usually you apply the glass polisher with a soft cloth in circular motions like with the other scratch removal methods we’ve detailed above. The ingredients in the glass polisher help smooth the glass to get rid of the appearance of fine scratches.

When to Call for Professional Shower Glass Repair in Houston

In many cases, you may need a professional to restore your Houston shower doors. For deep or extensive scratches, call our team for help. 

For some shower doors, we may be able to buff out the scratches with professional tools and products. However, in some cases scratches can’t be repaired and may even weaken the glass, increasing the risk for breaks. Therefore, if you have a really badly scratched shower door, you  may need to replace it. 

Fortunately, our team offers affordable, beautiful custom shower glass for your home. If you need replacement shower doors, we take care of everything for you to make sure your shower is safe and looks amazing. 

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