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Square corner shower enclosures allow your Houston shower doors to open to the right or left.

If you’re considering Houston shower doors for your bathroom, there are many different options to choose from. One great solution is installing a corner shower enclosure to help optimize your space. If you’ve decided on installing a corner shower, you’ll need to find the right shape for your style and bathroom.

Why Install Corner Houston Shower Doors?

Corner shower units are a great way to enhance your bathroom. Houston shower doors offer a sleek, modern look. The glass also helps make your bathroom look bigger. Many homeowners are opting for luxurious shower enclosures instead of tub/shower combos to help match their aesthetic and bathroom decor. Corner showers offer many unique benefits that can help make your bathroom an oasis. 

Save Room with a Shower Enclosure

Corner shower enclosures are especially great for smaller bathrooms because they help save space. Bathroom corners are ideal for installing Houston shower doors because these areas are often left unused in your bathroom. Rather than waste space, consider adding a shower enclosure to maximize space inside your restroom. Corner showers are a great way to use square footage in the room that otherwise would go untouched. If you have a smaller bathroom and want to make it look even bigger, opt for frameless shower doors in Houston for your corner shower. These enclosures feature no framing, which means there’s nothing to interrupt your line of sight. This simple change can make your bathroom look much larger compared to framed shower doors or a shower curtain. 

Houston Shower Doors are Easy to Clean

Another great advantage to installing a corner shower is that Houston shower doors are easy to clean and low-maintenance. As you well know, shower curtains can harbor mold and mildew, which not only smells and looks bad, it can actually affect your health. In many cases, this means either trying to stuff your curtain in the washing machine or even throwing it out and buying a new one every so often. Instead, glass shower enclosures are a great solution for reducing mold and mildew in the bathroom. Instead, all you need to do for shower glass is give it a quick squeegee after using the shower and wiping the glass down regularly. Our Houston shower doors also feature specialized technology to help repel water and make them even easier to clean.

No More Wet Bathroom Floors

Also, unlike bathtubs or tub/shower combos, shower enclosures can help reduce the amount of water on your bathroom floor, which can decrease the risk of mold growth and even slipping. With the right glass technicians, your new corner shower will be leak free to help keep your bathroom floor dry. Therefore, there are many benefits to installing a corner shower for your home.

What Types of Houston Shower Doors Can I Put in My Corner Shower?

Now you know why so many people are installing shower enclosures, you will need to decide what shape of enclosure you want for your corner shower. There are many different Houston shower doors to choose from, so you’ll need to find the one that will best suit your home. For corner units, most people choose either curved, neo-angle, square, or rectangular shaped enclosures. Each offers pros and cons and may be the perfect option for your bathroom. Before beginning a remodel project, consider which shape of enclosure is best for you and your family. 

Curved Houston Shower Doors

Curved shower doors offer the most space saving option for corner shower units. From an aerial view, they look akin to a slice of pie, with the two straight sides of your walls and then one curved glass piece to meet them. In most cases, curved Houston shower doors will be sliding doors, rather than hinged. However, it is sometimes possible to customize your doors to hinge or pivot, depending on your shower and the curvature of the glass. Most people opt for curved shower enclosures for small bathrooms, since they save so much floor space for the rest of your bathroom. Also, there are fewer corners you must clean, which means they’re even easier to clean than other shaped showers.

Neo-Angle Frameless Shower Doors in Houston

Neo-angle shower enclosures are another space saving option for corner showers. These feature five sides: the two walls of the corner of your bathroom, two angled panels that connect to the walls, and then a center panel that generally features the door. The door usually opens up to the center of the room, rather than to either side, which makes neo-angle showers a great option if you need to place things on the sides of the shower enclosure. Also, these offer more room compared to curved enclosures, as well as more door options. However, neo-angle showers still feature less showering space compared to square and rectangular enclosures.

Square and Rectangular Shower Enclosures

Square and rectangular shower enclosures offer the most square footage for showering, but also take away more space compared to curved and neo-angle showers. Therefore, you’ll need to consider just how much space you can spare. However, square and rectangular showers offer a modern, sophisticated look that suits many different types of decor. Rectangular and square shower enclosures are some of the most common choices for homes and can work in both small and large bathrooms. Therefore, whether you’re looking to save space or just improve your bathroom with new frameless shower doors in Houston, there are many different options to suit your needs and budget. 

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