Houston Glass Repair for China Cabinets

china cabinet after Houston glass repair

Houston glass repair can help you replace broken glass panes in your china cabinet.

Houston glass repair can help you restore glass throughout your home. One common issue many homeowners have is with the glass in furniture like china cabinets. If you have a china cabinet with damaged or broken glass that you don’t want to throw out, consider getting the glass repaired by qualified technicians. In this blog, we’ll go over some things you should know about repairing glass in china cabinets. 

What is Houston Glass Repair?

Houston glass repair involves many different types of services. The type of service depends on the type of glass and the type of damage. However, it can include replacing small panes of glass in a larger structure like a window or a piece of furniture or repairing smaller damages with special resins to fill in and strengthen the damage. Residential glass repair in Houston can also address scratches in the glass surface to restore it to a smooth, clear finish. 

Any time you have damaged glass in your home, call our team for Houston glass repair services. We can identify the problem and provide you with practical, affordable solutions. Our team of experienced glass technicians can handle any project, big or small. 

How Does Houston Glass Repair Work for China Cabinets?

Houston glass repair for china cabinets really depends on the type of damage you’re dealing with. Not all damage is repairable, but there are a few situations where you may be able to save the current glass with some minor repairs. Here are some examples:

Residential Glass Repair in Houston for Minor Chips

If you have small, shallow chips in the glass, but it’s unbroken and structurally sound, then we may be able to fix the glass through buffing or resins. This type of damage is usually due to wear and tear over time, such as from small bumps during moving or people walking by the cabinet. For larger or deeper chips, we may need to replace the glass so that it’s strong and looks good with your cabinet. 

Houston Glass Repair for Surface Scratches

Scratches in the surface of the glass is also usually due to damage over time. Even dust particles can cause micro-scratches in the surface and make it look dull or hazy over time. Less commonly, scratches are due to a single event, like walking by with keys in your hands or scraping it against the corner of a wall when moving the cabinet. In any case, these damages are typically repairable. For scratched glass, Houston glass repair usually involves buffing the glass surface to remove the scratches and restore it to a smooth surface. 

When to Replace the Glass in China Cabinets

In other cases, repairing the glass in your furniture may actually require replacement. If the glass is shattered, then you likely already know this. However, even seemingly minor damages may require replacement glass. For instance, Houston glass repair services frequently don’t work well for large cracks, as they can weaken the glass and resin fillers are often visible in these situations. The same is true for deep scratches or major chips in the glass. 

Therefore, in some cases, you may need a new glass piece altogether. Often, this means custom manufacturing glass to perfectly match the cabinet. This includes things like etched designs, tinting, or other decorative elements of the glass so it goes with the cabinet and any other pieces of glass. 

Don’t Try these Internet Hacks

Now, if you’re looking for ways to fix damaged glass in your china cabinet, you may have found a lot of different “hacks” to try. For instance, some online sources recommend replacing the glass yourself when broken. This not only is a safety hazard because of the broken glass, but can also end up ruining your cabinet. For instance, using the wrong type of putty to attach the glass to, or scratching the wood when trying to remove the current glass. Without precision installation, it can also end up looking sloppy, detracting from the cabinet and the items inside. 

For scratches in the glass, many sources online recommend using toothpaste as a DIY glass scratch repair. The idea is that toothpaste usually contains mild abrasives to help buff out the scratches. However, in our experience, the best case scenario is that this simply doesn’t work and you end up having to clean a ton of toothpaste off the glass. Worst case scenario is that it leaves the glass looking more scratched and cloudy as before because you have created even more scratches in the surface. So, instead, always opt for professional residential glass repair in Houston. 

Why Get Professional Houston Glass Repair for My China Cabinet?

We mentioned some of the dangers of using DIY glass repair methods you might find online. Here are some other reasons why it’s important to get professional Houston glass repair service for your china cabinet, particularly if it’s sentimental or antique:

Replacing the Glass Requires Precise Measurements for Custom Glass

As we mentioned, in many cases you may actually need to replace the glass entirely. In most cases, this means getting custom-made glass for your cabinet. It might be tempting to try to order from an online company promising cut-rate prices, but there are a few reasons we recommend contacting a local glass company with a good track record. First, your glass company provides good quality glass using recommended manufacturing methods. Also, our technicians can help take the precise measurements you need for your china cabinet glass. 

Typically, we need exact measurements for height, width, and glass thickness to replicate the damaged glass. In many cases, china cabinets also feature oddly shaped glass as a decorative element. Many use curved glass, which requires a precise figure for the radius of the curve to reproduce. Finally, many china cabinets feature other ornamental elements on the glass that we will need to replicate. For example, tinting or etched patterns. If you can’t provide all this information down to the millimeter, then you’re better off having an experienced technician come look at the piece and take down the information needed for custom glass manufacturing. 

Careful Installation for New Glass

Even after the glass piece is finished, we also recommend professional installation. Using the wrong materials or methods to install the new piece of glass could negatively affect your china cabinet. For example, it might damage the wood frame that holds the glass, such as through scratches or stripping the stain from the wood. You might also end up with a bond that isn’t strong enough. This can cause the glass to fall out and break. Not only is this a safety hazard, it means you restart the repair process over again.

Finally, installing furniture glass can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools, knowledge, and experience. DIY glass installation can lead to gaps between the glass edge and the wood, or you might have crooked glass. In other cases, you might have the putty showing through and detracting from the look of your cabinet. Professional glass technicians help you avoid this so your cabinet looks like new again.

Glass Solutions for Every Need at Apple Glass

If you need glass, we have you covered at Apple Glass. Our team offers a wide range of services, from residential glass installation to windshield repair in Houston. We are proud to offer quality services at affordable prices for our customers. We are dedicated to superior customer service and your complete satisfaction from our glass services. Get in touch now to get a free quote from our experts!

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Kudos to you Apple Glass! I appreciate the conscientious and courteous service….Great Job!

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