Transform a Half Bath Into a Full Bath with Houston Shower Doors

Houston shower doors in small bathroom

With Houston shower doors you can create a shower in your half bathroom to turn it into a full bathroom.

If you have a half bathroom, it may be perfect for short-term guests that come over for dinner or a birthday party. However, if you ever host guests overnight or for longer periods of time, it helps to provide them with a private space to take a shower. Adding a shower can also help prevent fights for growing families over who has “dibs” on the shower. If you find yourself in these situations, consider adding a shower with Houston shower doors to turn your half bath into a full bathroom. In this article, we’ll discuss some reasons why you  might consider this and how to accomplish it. 

Houston Shower Doors are Ideal for Small Spaces

Standing showers with a glass enclosure are perfect for smaller bathrooms. Therefore, using Houston shower doors to create a shower stall is often the best option for converting your half bathroom into a full bathroom by simply adding a walk-in shower. 

There are many different types of Houston shower doors that may work well for tight spaces:

  • Hinged Doors: Hinged doors are some of the most popular options for any shower, but they do require some space in front of the shower enclosure to allow the door to swing open. 
  • Pivot Doors: Pivot doors are like hinged doors, but can save you a little bit of space in front of the shower for opening if you’re just a few inches off for hinged doors.
  • Sliding Doors: If you don’t have any room in front of the shower, then you might want sliding Houston shower doors. These slide from side to side instead of outward. However, this also means that you need enough width for the shower door to slide out of the way. The minimum is usually 60 inches.
  • Bi-Fold Doors: Short on space to the side and in front of the shower? Another option is bi-fold doors. These feature two or more panels of glass that fold together to open and unfold to create a straight door. 
  • Fixed Panels: Fixed shower panels are basically a doorless shower. Instead of having a door that opens and closes, you have a permanent opening to let someone into the shower. To prevent water from splashing out of the shower enclosure, a stationary glass panel is installed next to the shower head. Keep in mind that these usually require a wide shower of 60 inches or more. 

Any of these options may work well if you’re adding a shower to a half bath.

Converting a Half Bath Into a Full Bath with Houston Shower Doors

Adding a shower to a half bathroom can have many benefits for your home. Here are two of the top reasons to consider converting a half bath into a full bath by installing a walk-in shower:

Adding a Shower to Your Half Bathroom Adds Value to Your Home

For the most part, a full bathroom is always going to be worth more than a half bathroom. The more bathrooms and more showers your home has, usually the higher the value of your house. This is important particularly if you might sell in the future. 

Adding Houston shower doors to your home already can boost the resale value as well as how quickly your home sells. Doing so in a half bathroom means you get an elegant look and an extra full bathroom that can be a selling point. 

Turning a Half Bath Into a Full Bath Adds Functionality

Converting a half bathroom into a full bathroom by adding a shower can also improve the functionality of your home. It’s helpful when you’re hosting guests who stay overnight or even a few weeks with you because you can give them their own full bathroom to use while they’re with you. Also, it gives your family more options on when and where they shower, which can seriously improve morning routines. 

How to Use Houston Shower Doors & Enclosures to Install a Shower in a Half Bathroom

Now we know why you might want to use Houston shower doors to create a shower in your half bathroom, let’s talk about how you can do this. Here are a few steps you’ll take for this home improvement project:

Decide Where the Shower Will Be

One of the most important parts of converting a half bathroom into a full bathroom with shower installation is deciding where the shower should be. This can have a huge impact on the cost, scope, and timeline for your project. There are two basic options to choose from for shower placement in a half bathroom:

Use the Space You Already Have

One way to add a shower to your half bathroom is to use the space you already have. This means rather than expanding the bathroom, you install your shower in the same square footage that already exists. 

For instance, it’s common to use Houston shower doors in the corner of the room to create a corner shower unit. You might also add shower doors across the width of the room to create a large walk-in shower. 

In some cases, this may mean moving fixtures around, such as the toilet and sink. To get enough space for a shower, you might need to move the toilet to face a different direction or you might need to move the sink to a different area of the room. Corner sinks can also be helpful if you’re low on space and want to add a shower in your half bathroom.

Expand the Bathroom to Accommodate Your Houston Shower Doors

The other option is to expand the room so you have enough space to install a shower. Usually this means expanding into existing, but unused spaces like closets, hallways, or bedrooms. These projects are usually more in-depth and cost a little more, but can provide you with more room to create a more spacious bathroom in your home. 

Check the Codes to Ensure Your Houston Shower Doors Comply with Laws

No matter what you decide, it’s important to check all your local codes to ensure that your project doesn’t go against the law. For instance, building codes often require a minimum square footage for showers. Typically, this is a minimum of 30 inches by 30 inches. The doors usually must be at least 22 inches wide. Also, plumbing codes usually require a certain amount of space around the toilet and other plumbing fixtures. Consult with an expert to make sure your plans meet local, state, and federal building codes.

Get a Plumber to Install the Plumbing

Since you don’t already have a shower in your half bathroom, then you’ll likely need a plumber to install the plumbing for you. This means providing hot and cold water supply lines as well as installing a drain that ties into your main sewer system.

Waterproof the Shower Walls and Floors

Unless all the walls in your half bathroom are already made of waterproof materials, then you’ll probably need to waterproof the walls for your new shower. This may include installing tile or using a shower surround to protect your walls from water damage and mold. 

Measure for Houston Shower Doors

Once these important steps are complete, our experts can measure for your Houston shower doors. It’s necessary to wait until all the surfaces in your bathroom are finished to ensure precise measurements so we can custom manufacture the doors to perfectly suit your space.

Install Your Houston Shower Doors

Usually, the last step is to install your new glass shower enclosure. Make sure you work with experienced technicians to install your framed or frameless shower doors in Houston to prevent issues like leaks or cracks in the glass.

Get Gorgeous Frameless Shower Doors in Houston from Apple Glass

When you need glass solutions for your home, car, or business, choose our team at Apple Glass. We offer years of experience installing and repairing all types of glass. Whether you need custom shower doors or are looking for residential glass repair in Houston, you can trust us for superior craftsmanship. Contact us now to get a free quote!

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