Get Windshield Repair in Houston Before Your Next Car Wash

car in car wash after windshield repair in Houston

Get windshield repair in Houston for damages. Washing your car can make them worse.

When you need windshield repair in Houston, it’s important to get repairs as soon as possible. A damaged windshield can create many safety hazards for your car. Waiting on repairs can lead to worse damage and further safety concerns, which is why you shouldn’t put off scheduling repairs as soon as possible. You might be wondering if you can wash your car with a chipped or cracked windshield. The short answer is we don’t recommend it. We’ll discuss why and some other particulars about washing your car after windshield damages in this article.

When to Get Windshield Repair in Houston for Your Car

First, let’s quickly go over some signs you need glass repair in Houston for your windshield. Of course, sometimes it’s completely obvious you need windshield repairs. For instance, you might notice a large crack in the windshield, or you might see a rock chip in the glass. These are some of the most common signs you need to repair your windshield. Some other issues you might notice with your auto glass include scratches, pitting, or even a rattling sound. 

When you have a damaged windshield, there are two basic options for keeping your auto glass, and, by extension, your car, in good condition. In some cases auto glass specialists can repair the damage by filling it with specialized resin designed to strengthen the glass. When this isn’t an option, you need to replace the windshield. Generally, if the damage is large, complex, or in the line of sight for the driver, then it’s best to replace the windshield with new glass. 

Can I Wash My Car with a Chipped or Cracked Windshield?

Now we know a little more about windshield damage, let’s talk about whether damaged windshields and car washes mix. In general, most auto glass specialists don’t recommend washing your car with a chipped or cracked windshield. Even most car washes recommend getting windshield repair in Houston before giving your ride a bath. 

While washing your car and keeping it clean is important, it can pose some risks to a damaged windshield. Windshield damage caused by washing your car is pretty rare. Yet, you might be risking further damage if you wash your car with an already chipped or cracked windshield. This is true with both automatic car washes and hand washing your car. 

Dangers of Car Washes when You Need Windshield Repair in Houston

Automatic car washes are an amazingly convenient way to keep your car clean. However, it’s important to avoid the car wash if you need glass repair in Houston for your windshield. There are several reasons to get chips or cracks repaired before you wash your car. First, water and soap can infiltrate the damaged area and cause more damage. Also, warm or hot water in a car wash is great for removing dirt and debris, but the extreme temperatures can cause damages to get bigger. Rock chips may spiderweb and cracks may spread. In addition, many automatic car washes use tools to scrub the dirt away from your car. The force from these tools is perfectly fine on an intact windshield, but remember that any damage makes your windshield weaker. So, the pressure of the tools in a car wash can make those windshield chips or cracks worse.

Hand Washing Your Car is Also a Risk with a Damaged Windshield

Now, you might be tempted to hand wash your car instead. After all, you can be more careful and gentle than an automatic car wash. You might even be able to avoid the area. Well, we still recommend getting windshield repair in Houston before even hand washing your car. Just like in an automatic car wash, water and soap can get into the crack or chip and cause worse damage. Also, even if you try really hard to be gentle, there’s still a risk that you can use too much force and cause further damage to your windshield. 

Remember, the larger the damage, the more likely you’ll need Houston windshield replacement, which is typically more expensive than repairs. So, waiting to wash your car until after repairs can save you a pretty penny. If you’re worried about dirt or debris getting into the crack, skip the wash and place a piece of clear tape over the area until you can get to our shop (or until our mobile team gets to you). 

How Long After Windshield Repair in Houston Can I Wash My Car?

Even after you get your windshield repaired, it’s important to be careful of car washing for a certain period of time. Repairing a windshield involves filling the chip or crack with a special resin. That resin takes some time to harden properly. While in most cases you can drive after just a few hours of curing time, the resin may not reach its absolute hardest until 24 hours after the repair. So, generally auto glass repair experts recommend waiting at least 24 hours after windshield repairs before washing your car. This can help reduce the risk of disturbing the resin. 

How Long After Houston Windshield Replacement Can I Wash My Car?

Now, if your windshield was too damaged for repairs, you most likely replaced the windshield. With a Houston windshield replacement, it’s also important to wait a little bit to take your car through the car wash. With windshield replacements, the auto glass specialist applies urethane adhesive to bind the new windshield to the car’s frame. This, too, needs time to cure and harden properly. Just like with repairs, you can typically drive your car within a few hours, but most windshield repair professionals recommend waiting at least 24 hours before washing your car to help avoid issues with the curing process. In fact, some even recommend waiting a few days to be absolutely sure the new windshield can withstand the water, soap, and pressures of an automatic car wash. 

Expert Glass Repair in Houston at Apple Glass

When you need fast, dependable solutions for glass repair and installation, our team at Apple Glass is here for you. We are a full-service glass company that offers affordable and practical services to keep your glass in good repair. Whether you’re dealing with a damaged windshield or are interested in a new glass shower enclosure for your home, our experts have exactly what you need. Call us now at (713) 680-1400 in Houston or (281) 296-0600 in The Woodlands to get a free quote for your glass repair or replacement needs.

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