Secure Glass Doors for Houston Businesses

shattered store door needing Houston glass repair

Upgrade your store glass doors with Houston glass repair to optimize the security of your business.

As a business owner in Houston, you know the importance of protecting your property from burglars and other potential threats. That’s why it is essential to select secure glass doors that are sturdy enough to resist forceful entry while also providing an inviting entrance for customers.

There are three types of glass door options available for local businesses:

  • Standard annealed glass doors are cost-effective but low security, shattering easily.
  • Tempered glass doors are up to four times stronger than standard annealed glass but can still break from a high impact.
  • Laminated glass doors hold in place when shattered, preventing potential intruders from gaining access.

As your Houston glass repair specialists, we offer customized glass security door solutions tailored to the needs of businesses throughout the metropolitan area. Our professional team can help you choose a solution that offers convenience and protection. Read on to learn more about how high-quality glass doors can protect your business, or contact us for a quote now.

Standard Glass Doors Shatter Easily, Needing Houston Glass Repair

Commercial glass doors made of standard annealed glass may be the go-to option for many businesses due to its low cost. However, they leave much to be desired in terms of security and durability.

Standard annealed glass, also known as float glass, is a popular choice for many businesses due to its affordability and aesthetics. It is produced using a slow cooling process which reduces internal stresses and results in increased durability compared to regular glass.

Despite its widespread use, annealed glass is not designed to withstand high impact, making it less suitable for security-intensive applications. These doors offer minimal resistance against forced entry attempts, vandalism, and storm damage. Plus, if and when they shatter, the pieces can be incredibly sharp and hazardous, making the area extremely hazardous and requiring significant glass repair work by Houston professionals.

As a business owner, you want to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. Choosing standard glass doors for your business simply does not provide the level of security and protection that your establishment requires.

Tempered Glass Doors Can’t Protect Your Business Against Threats

A large number of exterior storefront doors are also made of tempered glass, a material renowned for its strength and safety features. Tempered glass undergoes a unique heating and cooling process that makes it approximately four times stronger than standard annealed commercial glass.

Even though it has significantly enhanced strength when compared to standard glass, tempered glass still can’t provide the high level of security that you need. It can be broken by high-force impacts, such as burglary attempts using heavy tools like crowbars or sledgehammers. Natural disasters, like severe storms or hurricanes, can also pose a threat, with high-speed winds hurling debris that can strike with enough force to shatter tempered glass.

Once tempered glass breaks, it shatters into tiny blunt pieces, reducing the risk of injury but leaving your business vulnerable to further threats.

Laminated Glass Doors Provide the Highest Level of Security

For business owners seeking the highest level of security glass, laminated glass doors from a glass repair company in Houston are an ideal choice. Crafted by bonding multiple layers of glass with a resilient plastic interlayer, laminated glass doors offer superior strength and resilience.

In the event of a high-impact force, the glass may crack, but the interlayer keeps the fragments together, maintaining the door’s structural integrity and preventing easy access. This makes it incredibly difficult for burglars to gain entry and significantly reduces the risk of injury from shattered glass.

Depending on the grade of laminated security glass chosen, these doors can even provide effective protection against glass cutters. High-grade laminated glass, designed with multiple robust layers, proves resistant to manual attacks, including those involving handheld glass-cutting tools. This adds an extra dimension of security, making it an exceedingly difficult barrier for potential intruders to breach.

Additionally, laminated glass provides an excellent defense against natural disasters, like severe storms, they maintain their barrier function even under intense pressure. Overall, these glass doors deliver the dependable level of security that Houston businesses require, while still offering aesthetic appeal and longevity.

Invest in Your Company’s Security and Reputation

Investing in laminated glass doors offers more than just protection against theft and vandalism. It also safeguards your company from negative publicity and potential legal issues. When a business is targeted by crime, it can damage its reputation and customer trust. Even worse, if shattered glass leads to injuries, your company may face legal liability.

By choosing laminated glass doors, you can greatly reduce these risks. The strength and resilience of laminated glass ensure that even if it cracks, it remains intact, preventing access and minimizing the risk of injuries. So, not only are laminated glass doors a practical investment for security, but they also proactively protect your company’s reputation and limit legal exposure.

Expert Houston Glass Repair and Replacement – Apple Glass Company

Partnering with a trusted, experienced Houston glass repair company like ours that specializes in commercial glass for local businesses can make a significant difference in your company’s security and image. We have years of expertise in implementing high-quality, durable glass solutions catering specifically to the diverse needs of the Houston business community.

Our team understands the unique challenges you face and offers customized laminated glass door solutions designed with the highest standards of security and aesthetics in mind. By choosing to work with us, you ensure your business is fortified against potential threats while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for your customers. Contact us for a quote today.

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