Proper Houston Windshield Replacement and What to Look For

An automobile’s windshield is an important safety feature. It is designed to protect occupants from the weather, debris and other elements best left outside the vehicle, such as flying insects. However, the windshield is also a factor in the safety of other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians, because if a driver’s visibility is impaired by a cracked or chipped windshield, the risk of an accident is increased. All Houston windshield replacement firms do not offer identical products and quality so it is best to learn what to look for when having a windshield replaced.

Pre-Installation Tasks

A windshield replacement starts with a thorough inspection of the damages, which should include the windshield itself as well as the trim, wipers and other surrounding elements. Any damages that already exist should be noted. The next step is to protect all areas that are at risk of accidental damage during the installation process. Trim, wipers, moldings and other attachments are removed and safely put aside.


Before the new windshield can be installed, the old one must be removed. This typically requires cutting the windshield free from the pinchweld. The old adhesive or urethane bead must be trimmed and the debris removed to ensure a proper fit. The replacement windshield is then tested for fit.


The installer will select the best adhesive to use, depending on the humidity level, air temperature and other factors. Once that decision has been made, the proper primer is applied to the surface of the pinchweld. The interior surface of the new windshield is cleaned thoroughly and glass prep is applied to its perimeter. This is followed with an application of primer and the adhesive. The windshield is then placed into position, leveled, centered and fully installed. Molding, wipers and other attachments are reinstalled.

Post-Installation Tasks

Once the new windshield is installed, the service technician should check for any leaks. This includes checking for water leaks, but it also includes checking for air leaks to avoid any annoying whistling sounds occurring when the vehicle is traveling at highway speeds. The inspection also ensures that the replacement windshield matches the rest of the auto glass and that the driver’s vision is in no way distorted by the new windshield. The glass and area around the windshield is cleaned and the vehicle should not leave the auto glass replacement facility until the adhesive has properly cured and the owner can then safely drive it.

A Word about Windshield Repair

It is sometimes possible to repair a small chip or crack and stabilize it sufficiently to prevent further damage to the windshield. However, there are many factors involved when deciding whether a windshield repair is feasible. This decision is best left to professionals who have the experience to know whether the repair will be stable.

The Importance of a Quality Windshield Replacement

A quality windshield replacement starts with the selection of the glass and adhesives used. Auto glass that is of poor quality can distort the driver’s vision or undermine the car’s safety features. The wrong adhesive can deteriorate quickly, making the interior less comfortable and allowing water to penetrate. If the technician does not take the time to prepare the replacement glass and the surfaces, the seal could be compromised or the new windshield might not be centered and level. Any of these issues can make the windshield unsafe.

If you have a damaged windshield, the professionals at Apple Glass are ready to assist you. We use windshield adhesives that meet or exceed original requirements, including crash-test standards. Our adhesives also need just one hour of curing time, regardless of the air temperature, while some other companies ask for as much as 24 hours of curing time. We use only the highest quality materials and glass, and our trained technicians employ state-of-the-art installation techniques. The result is that our customers can be certain that the original structural integrity of their vehicles has not been compromised in any manner. Call or visit either of our two area locations to learn more.

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