Why Tempered Glass Is Used for Shower Doors and Car Windows

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Tempered glass is a safer alternative for many applications, including Houston shower doors and auto glass.

Tempered glass is typically used in Houston shower doors, as well as car windows. Tempered glass provides better strength, durability, and safety than traditional plate glass. First patented in 1900, tempered glass has quickly become a standard type of glass used for many applications. Commercial windows, glass table tops, shower doors in Houston, and auto glass are all typically made out of tempered glass. However, why do we use tempered glass in these areas? Here is a brief guide to tempered glass and why we use it for shower doors and auto glass in Houston.

 What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass is typically made by heating glass nearly to its softening point and then quickly cooling it using high-pressured air. This makes the glass nearly four times as strong as traditional plate glass. One of the main reasons we use it in Houston shower doors and auto glass is that it is safer. Not only is tempered glass impact resistant, it also breaks into small, circular pieces. This crumbling effect reduces the risk of serious injury should the glass break. Therefore, it’s often used in areas where safety is a concern. For example, bathrooms and cars.

Why Use Tempered Glass for Houston Shower Doors?

Houston shower doors must be strong and long-lasting, which is why we temper shower glass. Additionally, should you slip in your shower enclosure, tempered glass provides added safety. First, tempered Houston shower doors are impact resistant, and therefore less likely to break should you fall or bump into them. However, even if you do manage to break shower doors in Houston, you will be left with tiny, non-jagged pieces. So, it is safer to use tempered glass for Houston shower doors. Another benefit is that tempered glass is more heat resistant than traditional plate glass, which adds the benefit of insulating heat inside your shower for optimal comfort. Tempered glass can still be colored or decorated after treatment, which means you can still get the look you want and still retain safety for your shower glass.

Why Is Auto Glass Tempered?

Another common area you will find tempered glass is in your vehicle. Auto glass in Houston is often tempered for safety. Once tempered glass became standard to use for auto glass, fatalities from car accidents decreased. This is because tempered glass breaks into small, round, non-lethal pieces. Therefore, we can thank tempered glass for saving lives during auto accidents.

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