How To Remove Stickers From Your Houston Auto Glass

Stickers are applied on Houston auto glass for a variety of reasons. A used vehicle could have an inspection sticker from another state on the windshield. You might be required to place a parking sticker on your car so that you can legally park in a private employee lot or university. Your son may put a sticker on his rear windshield because he wants everyone to know that he loves his dachshund. Regardless of how it got there, follow these easy steps to remove window stickers.

First, try to detach it by gently pulling from one corner. If you go very slowly, you are more likely to succeed. Stickers have stronger glue nowadays, which makes them more difficult to detach from your Houston auto glass than they used to be. You might get lucky on your first try, and the entire sticker will come off without a mark. It depends on the type of sticker. However, the paper or vinyl layer will probably peel away during your first attempt, and the adhesive residue will remain. If that happens, you do not need a Houston windshield repair expert’s assistance. All you need is a little time and some easy-to-find materials to get your windshield or side windows looking like new.

Buy a new pack of single-edged razor blades. Use one to carefully remove the remaining glue. Always scrape in one direction. Do not use a dull blade. That could damage the glass beneath the sticker and require a Houston windshield replacement.

A razor can usually get rid of the majority of the adhesive, but some stickers can be harder to remove because they have been baked onto the glass by the blazing summer sun. If using a razor does not work, mix a few drops of dish soap or laundry detergent in a quart of hot water. Wipe the glue with an old rag or washcloth that you have soaked with the mixture. Then, try scraping with the razor again. The adhesive should come off in a minute or two.

If the glue is still on your windshield after scrubbing it with soapy water, it is time for some chemical warfare. Cut a swatch from a cotton shirt or an old sheet. Make it a little bit larger than the spot you want to eradicate. Put some rubbing alcohol in a small plastic container, and soak the rag. Paint thinner or tree sap remover works even better. Some people use paper towels, but cloth holds more solvent. After the cloth is saturated, place it over the remaining glue. The solvent will evaporate more slowly if your vehicle is in a shady area, such as a garage or carport.

The rag should remain in contact with the glue. Leave it there for 10 or 15 minutes. The alcohol or paint thinner will decompose the sticky residue. Then, you can scrape it off with a razor blade or a hard plastic card. If some glue survived after the first attempt, try it again. It should do the trick after a few attempts. Be sure to give the solvent time to work its way into the adhesive. That is very important.

After the sticker is completely removed, wash the area with glass cleaner. Your windshield should now be crystal clear.

Here is useful information to remove stickers from your auto body.

Stickers are a minor nuisance that you can usually handle on your own. If your vehicle has a more serious problem that requires a Houston windshield replacement or crack repair, contact Apple Glass in The Woodlands at 281-296-0600. If you are in the greater Houston area, call us at 713-680-1400. We can perform a Houston windshield repair at one of our facilities, or our mobile unit can visit your home or office. We also repair and replace residential and commercial windows.

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