Considerations for Shower Doors in Houston

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Shower doors in Houston can vastly improve the look of your bathroom. Here are some design elements to think about when selecting a glass shower door for your home.

Are you ready to replace your shower doors in Houston? There are a few things you need to think about before deciding on a shower glass solution. Shower doors in Houston come in a variety of options that you can customize to fit your bathroom and taste. Here are a few things to think about regarding your Houston shower doors.

 Types of Shower Doors in Houston

Depending on your bathroom, you will need to decide between sliding or pivot shower doors in Houston. Sliding shower doors work great for smaller bathrooms where there isn’t enough space for your shower door to swing outward. Additionally, you can use these types of doors in tub/shower combinations in lieu of a shower curtain. Houston shower doors instead of a shower curtain offer an attractive, spacious look to your bathroom and provide better water containment.

On the other hand, pivot Houston shower doors are quite popular as well. These doors swing outward like a standard door and offer a sophisticated look. Also, pivot shower doors tend to be easier to clean than sliding doors. Therefore, depending on your preferences, you will need to decide on which type of shower door will work best for your bathroom.

Framed or Frameless Shower Doors in Houston

In addition to the type of door, you will also need to decide between framed and frameless shower doors. Frameless shower doors in Houston are free of visual disruptions and provide a more open look for your bathroom. Additionally, they tend to look more modern than their framed counterparts. Frameless shower doors in Houston generally have more options for size, style, and design. However, framed shower doors can also be attractive and offer additional durability.

Clear or Frosted Houston Shower Doors

Another component that you will need to think about is the type of glass you want for your shower doors in Houston. Many people opt for clear shower glass, as it gives a more spacious feel to your bathroom. Also, they allow you to show off the tile, stonework, and fixtures inside your bathroom. However, with clear glass you do give up privacy.

By contrast, frosted glass shower doors in Houston offer more privacy and come in a variety of different options. For example, you can get frosted shower doors in multiple patterns, which allows you additional design options for your bathroom.Therefore, consider all the options for your Houston shower doors to find solutions that fit your bathroom and style.

At Apple Glass Company, we have been serving the Houston metropolitan area for over 25 years. As a premier glass company in Houston, we provide comprehensive shower glass services to help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Our expert glass technicians can help you find the most attractive options for your home. Call us today at (713) 680-1400 in Houston or (281) 296-0600 in The Woodlands to learn more and request a free quote. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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