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Commercial Glass HoustonThe Best in Commercial Glass Services from Apple Glass

Apple Glass is the premier source for commercial glass replacement and glass repair services in the Houston and The Woodlands areas and offers same-day emergency service to ensure the security of your facility or retail enterprise. Our trained and knowledgeable experts can provide you with fast service and solid solutions for your glass door and window replacement needs. We carry a full range of glass options, including the following:

  • Heavy-duty tempered glass that resists fracturing and when compromised breaks into small chunks to minimize the risk of injury
  • Laminated glass products designed to provide superior protection against major weather events and to protect your premises effectively even after sustaining damage
  • Security glass can be bullet resistant and is designed to stand up to sustained abuse and severe impacts without shattering or giving way
  • Plate glass for areas that present little risk of injury to staff members or guests

At Apple Glass, we sell only the best commercial glass products to reduce the risk of injury to your staff and your customers and to protect your property against loss. Our experienced technicians will repair or replace your storefront windows, entryways, countertops, and any other glass on your premises.

Tempered Glass

Apple Glass can replace broken panes of tempered glass in windows and doors to provide protection against wind, weather, and intruders. Thicker and more durable than normal sheets of plate glass, tempered glass is exposed to heat or treated with specialized chemicals. This realigns the fault lines present inside the crystalline structures of the glass and ensures that tempered glass will break into small chunks rather than into large, jagged shards that could cause serious injury.

Laminated Glass

The trained technicians at Apple Glass also install rugged and reliable laminated glass to provide greater security for your retail location or commercial facility. Laminated glass is commonly used for automobile windshields and offers superior protection against injury or forcible entry. A thin layer of plastic between two sheets of tempered glass ensures that laminated glass stays together after an impact. This can prevent unauthorized intrusion and can reduce the risk of injury after accidental impact.

Security Glass

For areas that require even greater protection for workers and property, Apple Glass can design and install security glass and bullet resistant glass enclosures. These see-through barriers can provide an added level of protection in dangerous areas. Our talented tech team can help you manage your security concerns with an attractive and functional bullet resistant barrier to give you the security you require.

At Apple Glass, we deliver a full range of design, installation, and replacement options for businesses in Houston and The Woodlands. Our mobile glass repair team offers fast emergency services to help get you up and running after a storm, accident, or other mishap. Apple Glass also provides auto glass repairs and replacements. Contact us to learn more about our full range of commercial glass services and to set up an appointment with our friendly and knowledgeable staff today.


The man who came and replaced our glass was so nice and professional. Would you please thank him for us?

It is refreshing to see that customer service is still applied with pride in some places…

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